Why Trevian Capital when everyone’s ready? Trevian Capital funds 14 bridging loans in nine states for a total of $ 120,000,000 in the last 45 days of 2021

Gainesville, Georgia$ 4,850,000 Acquisition, Multifamily with added value

Nashville, Tennessee$ 10,875,000Time-sensitive, multi-family, value-added acquisition

Phoenix, Arizona$ 39,975,000Partner buyout, Capex completion, value-added multifamily

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania$ 4,445,000 – Acquisition, multi-family rental

Miami, Florida$ 2,725,000 – Acquisition, Multifamily with added value

Oklahoma City, alright$ 4,900,000 – Refinancing, recapitalization, Capex completion, value-added multi-family

Vero Beach, Florida$ 1,475,000 – Self-service, time-sensitive, acquisition and value-added storage

Miami, Florida$ 2,700,000 – Acquisition, Multifamily with added value

Miami, Florida$ 3,200,000 – Acquisition, Multifamily with added value

Hagerstown, Maryland$ 3,300,000Refinancing, Capex Plan, Multifamily with added value

Girard, Ohio$ 1,870,000 – Refinancing, partner buyout, value-added multifamily investment plan

Nashville, Tennessee$ 16,500,000 – Time-sensitive acquisition, value-added retail

Kingston, New York State$ 6,050,000 – Time sensitive acquisition, investment plan, multi-family with added value

Capital of Treviso (www.treviancap.com) is a balance sheet lender providing first mortgage bridging loans on commercial real estate nationwide, with an emphasis on ease of use, flexibility, limited structure, and reasonable and timely communication . Trevian Capital specializes in short-term, value-added multi-family and commercial real estate financing where expertise, attention to special circumstances, certainty of execution and quality service are essential.

Contact: Michael hoffenberg (212) 376-5636; [email protected]

SOURCE Trevian Capital

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