Who do you prefer to face: New England or the NYCFC

The Union played its first-ever Eastern Conference final. Now they have to wait to find out who they will play on Sunday and where the game will take place. The winner of New England-NYCFC will determine these two questions. Could the Union go to Foxboro or can they play in the Eastern Conference final at Subaru Park? A victory for New England means a road game for the Union; a victory at the NYCFC means Philly would host the conference finals. This brings us to the question who do you prefer to face?

Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych

Who would you rather face?

That’s probably much less of a question this week, as Union fans will likely want to see the Union play for a chance at the MLS Cup at Subaru Park, but the question still needs to be asked. Either clash will be one of, if not the toughest game of the year for Philadelphia, so let’s take a look at the two potential clashes and see why there is a case for each to be more important than the other.

The case of New England

New England is one of the only teams in the Eastern Conference to have the Union number in the 2021 season. Of the three games played, the Union has taken just one point on nine possible. This draw was the one at the start of the season. Philly then abandoned an away game where most of their starters rested before the first leg of the CCL semi-final a few days later. The last game was at Subaru Park where the Union only had 17 players available for selection, they also lost that game. Could a full-strength Union take him to New England to surpass MLS points records to get to the MLS Cup?

At this point, why not? This Union team appears to be a team of fate. They seem to be able to get results even if their attackers are in very bad shape. Who can say they wouldn’t go to Foxboro and find a way to beat the best team in MLS. As to whether anyone would want to face New England, I don’t think many would. The very few who would probably just want the satisfaction of their team putting an end to the Champion Supporters Shield revolution.

The NYCFC case

NYCFC is a team that seemed to fall at the end of the regular season. It was until the last games where they found their touch of goal, and the Golden Shoe Valentin “Taty” Castellanos led their line. He scored in their first-round playoff game against Atlanta, which turned the game against NYCFC upside down. He also scored against the Union on decision day and has been a thorn in Philly’s side for most of his MLS career. That being said, I’m sure the Union would want Taty and the NYCFC a chance in the Eastern Conference Finals, as that would mean playing in front of the loud and loyal Union fans once again!

Philly has shown that they can pick up some extra speed at home in front of the rowdy crowds that fill Subaru Park. Add in the chance to compete in a very first MLS Cup, and that momentum should be enough for the 2-seeded Union to win and beat the 4-head NYCFC. Who would you rather face: New England or the NYCFC? The answer for almost everyone has to be NYCFC. Play yet another home game on the banks of the Delaware River and increase your chances of winning the MLS Cup!

New England vs NYCFC: Tuesday, November 30 at 7:45 p.m. EST

Don’t miss the game that will determine who faces the Union and where they play in the Eastern Conference Final! The game kicks off tonight at 7:45 p.m. EST on FS1.

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Mandatory Credit: Philadelphia Union, Andrew Zwarych

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