Two Prospect Park police officers honored for their heroic actions by the township – CBS Philly

PROSPECT PARK, Pa. (CBS) — Going beyond the call of duty. Two special honors were presented Tuesday night to two Delaware County police officers who are credited with saving lives.

Two Prospect Park police officers, each dealing with situations that were the life and death of those they were sworn to protect, stepped up, saved lives, and received their due.

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“These officers are the best the community has to offer and the bravery of that day should be celebrated,” said Mayor Jeff Harris. “These actions are a credit to you and the entire Prospect Park Police Department.”

Last June, patrolman Eric Davis and his partner entered a burning apartment complex and fought through thick smoke to find fire extinguishers to fight the blaze. They helped evacuate residents and pets. For these acts, Davis received the city’s first ever gallantry commendation.

“It was a great experience to be recognized for something that we do on a daily basis that we don’t expect to get recognition for,” Davis said.

Eyewitness News asked Davis on Tuesday how he compartmentalized racing in a burning building, fighting what must be a human fear of the obvious.

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“You can’t focus on the risks and the challenges and the dangers of what’s going to happen to get into this burning building,” Davis said. “I know there is this possible danger that I may never come back, but now is not the time to think about it. I just know that I have to go save lives and do my best.

Officer David Voorhees responded to the first shooting in town in nearly five years in January. He quickly applied pressure to the gunshot victim’s wound and later discovered that this act had saved the victim’s life, earning him a vital reward.

“It’s a very prestigious honor as a police officer to be recognized for saving a life and I’m very honored to be here tonight,” Voorhees said.

Like Davis, running into danger is second nature to Voorhees.

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“As someone called to serve and protect you, you realize that sometimes you have to put yourself in a dangerous situation to protect someone and that’s what I had to do in that situation to save that person’s life. young man, it was risking my own safety to make sure he was safe,” Voorhees said.

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