Trump organization expects Manhattan DA to sue him on Thursday: Source – NBC10 Philadelphia


Two representatives from the Trump organization told NBC News that the Manhattan district attorney’s office was expected to lay a criminal charge as early as Thursday afternoon, although the potential time was not confirmed.

Law enforcement officials aware of the case say it is not clear whether individuals including CFO Allen Weisselberg will also be prosecuted at this time, or whether the first lawsuit will only be charged against the Trump organization. the authorities said.

A 73-year-old study by Sai Vance, a Manhattan prosecutor, found that her son used Trump’s apartment almost or for free, rented a car for his family and his grandson attended. This was in part because of a question about paying tuition fees.

Weisselberg’s attorney, Mary Mulligan, declined to comment. His wife also declined to comment outside the couple’s Manhattan home early Wednesday.

The lawyer for the Trump organization was reunited with the Manhattan district attorney on Monday as part of the latest attempt to prevent possible prosecution resulting from a lengthy investigation into the former president’s company.

Trump Organization attorney Ron Fishetti told The Associated Press a meeting was held this week as the grand jury neared the vote for the indictment after more than two years of investigation on Trump’s affairs.

He said the prosecutor had said Trump himself would not be prosecuted at this time – “at least not this week” – but added that the investigation was ongoing.

“There are no charges against the former president this week,” Fishetti said in a telephone interview on Monday. “I can’t say he’s completely out of the forest yet. “

Such a final exchange is seen as a rare procedure to change the course of the investigation in the later stages, suggesting that the grand jury is moving closer to voting.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office declined to comment.

Vance has been investigating Trump’s affairs for more than two years. In recent months, investigators have focused on the benefits the company has brought to executives, such as the use of apartments, cars and school fees.

Investigators reviewed Trump’s tax records, subpoenas, and interviews with witnesses, including Trump insiders and business executives.

Fishetti, who did not attend the meeting on Monday, said the rally was organized “for the Trump Organization, not for Donald Trump himself.”

“We’re just waiting,” Fishetti said, adding that he hopes to know if there will be any charges this week.

The claims expected this week are “limited to a few employees of the Trump organization who have not declared taxes on their benefits,” he said. He added that the company itself could also be sued.

A lawyer representing Donald Trump’s company also had a virtual meeting with the prosecutor last Thursday for more than 90 minutes.

It is not illegal for a business to provide course assistance to employees, to rent a car, or to use a business owned apartment, but such arrangements may be subject to income tax.

Fishetti called the possibility of prosecution “absolutely exorbitant” and politically motivated. He said it was very rare for prosecutors to seek criminal charges for unpaid benefit taxes.

In addition to fringe benefits, prosecutors sought to find out whether the Trump organization lied about the value of real estate for tax cuts or to secure bank loans and insurance policies on favorable terms. They also looked at the company’s role in paying hash money to two women who say Trump had a relationship with them, Trump denied.

Trump organization expects Manhattan DA to sue him on Thursday: Source – NBC10 Philadelphia

Source link Trump organization expects Manhattan DA to sue him on Thursday: Source – NBC10 Philadelphia

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