Trevor Bauer tries to take credit for Max Scherzer’s contract with the Mets

The Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Mets were opponents in consecutive free agency years, the former signing Trevor Bauer to a record contract and the latter adding Max Scherzer on a similar historic contract.

Bauer’s three-year, $ 102 million contract with the Dodgers made him the highest-paid player in MLB history last season. If there probably hadn’t been a suspension without pay due to allegations of sexual assault, Bauer was set to break his own record in 2022.

Meanwhile, Scherzer signing a three-year, $ 130 million contract with the Mets broke Gerrit Cole’s average annual value record ($ 43.3-36 million).

In addition to surpassing Cole’s AAV, Scherzer is now the oldest player in MLB history to sign a contract worth at least $ 100 million.

Previously it was Kevin Brown, who, at 33, signed the first $ 100 million contract in MLB history with the Dodgers in 1998.

Shortly after the Scherzer and Mets deal was announced on the terms, Rachel Luba and Bauer both took credit for the structure of the contract.

While Bauer reversed some sort of trend by signing a short-term contract with the Dodgers, his situation hardly compared to Scherzer’s. The future Hall of Famer is 37, while Bauer signed at 30.

As respected as Scherzer is, it’s unreasonable to believe that a team would have offered him a long-term contract. At best, there were reports that the Mets would potentially need a fourth year to complete the signing.

If there’s any correlation between Bauer and Scherzer, it’s vaguely raising the bar with salary from year to year. But these were already on the rise and Bauer undeniably benefited from his Dodgers-aligned front office philosophy.

Baseball operations president Andrew Friedman notably tried to lure Bryce Harper with a high AAV on a short-term contract, but preferred a mega deal with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Uncertainty with the impact of Bauer Scherzer, Dodgers?

The Dodgers remain on hold as MLB continues to investigate Bauer into the sexual assault allegations. Uncertainty over possible future salary obligations is believed to have played a role in the Dodgers’ pursuit – and their likely limits – with Scherzer.

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