Tom Brady and Bucs overwhelm the dolphins to go 4-1


“These guys are also very selfless because the ball goes a lot of different places,” Brady said. “All of these guys get to play games and it’s just fun to see when everyone is involved how much fun it can be.… Mike is a great player, Chris [Godwin] is a great player, Tyler [Johnson] does a few pieces, so everyone is really contributing. It’s fun to see from my perspective all these different guys at different ages coming together as a group and being, I think, the best receiving group in the league. “

Overall, Tampa Bay racked up 558 net yards, the fourth-highest single-game total in franchise history. While Brady was sharp all afternoon, completing 30 of 41 for 411 yards, the rushing offense had a second straight productive game. Leonard Fournette led the way with 67 yards and one touchdown on 12 carries as Tampa Bay finished with a high of 121 rushing yards and 4.8 yards per carry. The Bucs had their highest overall performance of the season despite playing without star tight end Rob Gronkowski, who leads the team with four touchdowns, and that was enough to impress one of the new players in the team, cornerback Richard Sherman.

“Before the third quarter, Rich came over and he said, ‘Man, I’ve never been on a team that is so talented,’” Fournette said. “And I say to him like ‘Man, that [stuff] is different. We can score at any time. You have several players I would say from the Hall of Fame, Pro Bowl players all over the court, not to mention the missing Gronk. This team as a whole, there is a lot we can do if we go out and focus, have our minds together, understand the game plan and stay focused along the way. “

Tampa Bay also didn’t return the ball against Miami, marking its third straight game without a gift. The Bucs won the turnover battle on Sunday as the defense offered a pair of takeaways including a Jamel Dean interception in the fourth quarter that led to Brady’s final touchdown pass. Shaquil Barrett, who was credited with 1.5 sacks – splitting one with Vita Vea in the fourth quarter – created the other takeaway with a Jacoby Brissett sack that deprived the Dolphins of a scoring chance just before half-time.

“It was important to us,” Barrett said. “Coach [Todd] Bowles walked in, gave us a message, the message was received and we wanted to go out there and play like we’re supposed to play four quarters, and we were able to do that. “

The Tampa Bay defense saw another key contributor leave with an injury when inside linebacker and team captain Lavonte David was assisted off the field in the third quarter with what the Arians believe was a sprained ankle. The Bucs still managed to keep Miami just 301 yards off attack, including just 39 yards on the ground.

Quarterback Jacoby Brissett, playing for injured Tua Tagovailoa, kept Miami in the game until the middle of the third quarter, completing 27 of 39 passes for 275 yards, two touchdowns and one interception. Despite a hamstring injury in the second quarter, Brissett was making regular plays to keep the chains moving while under heavy pressure and hit. His touchdown pass to Myles Gaskin in the third period briefly brought the Dolphins to less than seven points.

Still, the Buccaneers were happy with their defensive effort overall and the complementary style of football played by the team as a whole.

“A very, very good team win,” Arians said. “I loved the effort after the first five minutes of the third quarter. Offensively, I thought it was a hell of a game. [Offensive Coordinator] Byron [Leftwich] had a hell of a game plan, a good run-pass job, a good mix, good protection all day. Defensively, I loved Todd’s game plan. I thought it was excellent. Give up 17 points, which is our goal for the season. We scored a little higher than normal, but our guys performed really well. “

The Dolphins scored in the game’s first possession, although a defensive position inside the 10 kept them three points behind Jason Sanders’ 23-yard field goal. Most of the 70-yard run came on two catches for 55 yards by Preston Williams, the first a touchline hitter that the Bucs challenged but failed to get knocked down. Stops by Mike Edwards and Shaq Barrett run inside the 10, which led to an incomplete third down for Brissett, who came under pressure from Jordan Whitehead.

The Bucs offense responded with an 80-yard touchdown on which Brady completed four of five passes for 58 yards and the score in the end on a 10-yard strike to Bernard. Brady stayed firm in the pocket as an unblocked defender moved in and delivered it down the middle to Bernard, who walked towards the goal line and turned over a Miami defender, landing on the back. The big play in practice was Evans’ slippery 26-yard catch that brought the ball into Dolphins territory.

The lead changed hands again on the next possession as the Dolphins covered 75 yards for a touchdown. Brissett started the ride by letting the pass rush towards him, then throwing it at Gaskin several times. After a pass interference call on Ross Cockrell hit the Bucs’ 29th opening goal, Brissett stayed in the pocket for a long time, giving Gaskin time to open up on the left sideline for a reception of touchdown from 24 yards.

The Bucs equalized the game’s fourth possession, running 50 yards to put Succop in position for a 43-yard field goal. Godwin brought the ball into Miami territory by slipping 18 yards onto a screen, and Brady converted a subsequent third down by hitting Evans down the middle. Unfortunately, Xavien Howard snapped a potential scoring pass to Godwin and Brady was sacked on the third down by Jerome Baker in the next game.

The Tampa Bay defense were the first to get a save, forcing a three-and-out on the next possession and a punt that stopped at Bucs 30 with 12:35 left in the first half. . The Bucs offense only needed three games from there to regain the lead, as Brady hit Brown in stride in the left seam in the third and second and Brown accelerated to go the distance for the touchdown from 62 yards.

The Bucs got another defensive save thanks to Ross Cockrell’s impressive pass break and Miami’s second punt came down at 23 with eight minutes left in the first half. Brady then led another touchdown that chewed up over six of those remaining eight minutes and finished in his four-yard touchdown pass to Brown. Along the way, Brady attempted deep strikes against Evans, Brown and Godwin; all three missed but in between he continued to move the chains with short passes to Fournette and Howard, in particular. A pass interference penalty on Miami safety Eric Rowe erased an incomplete third down and scored the first and goal of three and Brady hit Brown two games later.

Brissett managed to put the Dolphins within reach in the final two minutes of the game, but the Bucs managed to hold onto their 14-point lead at halftime when Barrett bypassed the quarterback’s blind side and struck the ball from his hand. Ndamukong Suh recovered for the home side at his own 34. The Bucs only had time to bring the ball to the Dolphins’ 42 before letting punter Bradley Pinion try for a 60-yard field goal. Pinion gave a good try but his kick was just a little short and a little left.

The Bucs’ first practice of the second half stalled near midfield and Pinion brought it back to Miami 13. The Dolphins reversed that position on the pitch with an impressive 11-game practice ending in the second touchdown. from Gaskin, one meter. Brissett made several incredible plays in which he was under great pressure, including a seven-yard miracle on the sideline at Gaskin where he was hit low by Barrett and high by Jason Pierre-Paul but did not come down. . Brissett was kicked out of the pocket on the next play but unleashed a pitch while running towards Williams in the back corner of the end zone, shooting a pass interference flag that made him the first and one goal. .

Tampa Bay retaliated with its own clock reader. The Bucs got it back in their 25th with seven minutes left in the third quarter and scored in the opening game of the fourth period when Fournette stabbed the right guard in the third and two of Miami’s five, getting more than the first down. . by bouncing off three Miami defenders. Fournette also had 13 yards on a swing pass to bring the ball into the red zone and Godwin caught three passes for 32 yards on the drive.

The Tampa Bay defense followed with a three-and-out, and Brady turned that into another touchdown. Jones started off with a 15-yard swing pass gain, following a shrewd block from Ali Marpet. Three games later, Brady took the lead against Evans and produced a perfect 34-yard arc on the straight sideline, hitting Evans in stride as he got to the goal line.

Three games into Miami’s next possession, one pass passed through Jaylen Waddle and was caught by Dean for the Bucs’ second takeaway of the game. Dean ran out of bounds at Miami 41 and Brady immediately hit Tyler Johnson in midfield for a gain of 21 yards. Brady then had two consecutive false starts to deliver a 22-yard touchdown pass to Evans.

After a Miami punt near midfielder, Gabbert came in to run Tampa Bay’s next practice and guided them close to the Dolphins’ end zone. A dazzling 23-yard catch from Brown brought the ball back to the Miami 24s and Gabbert hit Johnson in the middle for another 14 up to five as the two-minute warning came in. At this point, the Bucs chose to kneel three times to run out of time.

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