The LGBTQ + struggle for inclusion continues in Fulton v. Philadelphia



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“All of us who are openly gay are alive and writing the history of our movement. We are not as heroic as the suffrage activists and abolitionists of the 19th century. And the 20th century union organizers, the freedom riders, the stonewall protesters, the environmentalists. We are ordinary people, we live our lives, and as civil rights activist Dorothy Cotton said. , Trying to “fix what is wrong” in our society. “

Senator Tammy Baldwin

I’m not surprised when the Supreme Court ruled unanimously on Thursday, June 17, or avoided the difficult question of whether religious freedom would replace individual civil rights.

The whole case was the latest to “systematize discrimination against members of the LGBTQ + community” by many religious conservatives, but the court did not press charges, as it did in Colorado in 2018. I restricted judgment. A bakery that refused to bake a cake to celebrate a same-sex marriage.

In this case, Fulton et al. Vs. Philadelphia, PA, once again thin judges with another successful effort to avoid deciding what would happen if religious freedom violated human and civil rights. Surrounded by a line.

Freedom of religion does not mean the freedom to discriminate. What is the real intention of the Constitution to protect religious freedom? When it went from protecting the rights of religious people to religious freedom. .. .. To give religious people the right to discriminate against others?

Still, the judge went too far last week when the city of Philadelphia imposed anti-discrimination legislation on the Catholic charity Catholic Social Services, refusing to consider same-sex parents eligible to adopt children into their families. Home. I agreed to be.

In countries that have historically viewed non-heterosexuals as “Anglo-Saxon” Christians, of course, unless they have enough money to pay for admission (if acceptance is not included). ). But). It is just another in the long list of oppressive and discriminatory sanctions, with limited scope but giving the exception of the green light to discrimination.

The ongoing battle for LGBTQ rights continues to decline, and those who challenge the human and citizenship of this community are now taking advantage of both fundamental and constitutional rights of each, and the Supreme Court is bold. We have put in place a moral compass. The High Court, now full of conservative judges, is quite confident in those who believe in their final victory. To borrow the cliché, expect to “not count chickens before they hatch.”

When Fulton was ruled, pundits quickly softened the sensibilities of the gay community. In this unprecedented case, the gay community needs reassurance.

The worst, ironic, or paradoxical, or terribly ironic and paradoxical of this Supreme Court ruling in favor of Catholic social services is that for decades tens of thousands of innocent children have been Catholic priests. This means that they have been sexually abused.

Perhaps, if not worse, that many church leaders knew, the church hid it, and some police and government officials helped hide it. It is widely reported that members of the Roman Catholic Church paid for it, and some estimates have spent around $ 1 billion to resolve the suspected child abuse case over the years.

Yet Catholic social services with a nod from the Supreme Court dare to be self-constructed, irreparably hurt and aggravated as the authority of the “dark ages” over the lives of gay couples. Sitting on a moral perch.

Freedom of religion does not mean the freedom to discriminate.

The Church is doing this so that almost everyone in America has lost a collective memory of Church history. Mainly because we all know the history of the church and the number of its priests is too large, charities that work very closely with the Catholic Church are allowed to run the program, including the children. This shocks me. It is anthropomorphic hypocrisy.

Members of the LGBTQ + community continue to fight for full citizenship. Currently, LGBTQ + rights still appear to be trapped in the moral swamps of the country, where religious freedom is respected, but there should also be a separation between church and state. Therefore, even though the court ruling only applies in this case, it is difficult to understand how certain religious beliefs take precedence over the country’s human and civil rights.

This is one of the many reasons why Congress must pass legislation guaranteeing the rights of LGBTQ + citizens. Among the many important laws blocked in Congress, along with the For the People Act, John Lewis’ Voting Rights Act, George Floyd’s Criminal Justice Reform Act, and Immigration Reform, are the most important equality law.

The law protects LGBTQ + people from discrimination in employment, housing, credit, jury service, and federally funded programs, especially those related to health, education, and public places . Develop the law on rights.

California is a leading country in LGBTQ + rights and protection, and locally Riverside County has one of the largest per capita LGBTQ + communities in the country.

Municipalities in the region are tackling equity issues in a variety of areas, so one area showing signs of progress was reflected in the results of the 9th Municipal Equality Index survey.

In Research Municipalities issued in December 2020 were assessed based on the Non-Discrimination Law, Employer Municipalities, Municipal Services, Law Enforcement, and LGBTQ + Equality Leadership. The city of Riverside has the highest score of 100 percent.

This survey is a national assessment of the inclusion of LGBTQ + in local government laws, policies and services. Riverside prohibits discrimination in city employment, prevents discrimination in the city’s contracting process, offers benefits to domestic partners of city officials, has a staff committee, and has an LGBTQ + liaison officer at the mayor’s office. I got a very high score by putting. ..

Other interior communities that scored over 50% in the survey include Palm Desert (94), Moreno Valley (60), Corona and Fontana (59), San Bernardino (53) and Ontario (52) . It will be.

There is still a long way to go to ensure equality for all, regardless of race, creed, color or sexual orientation within the country, but it is encouraging to know that there is a certain community. Shows commitment to human rights by working on improvement. Quality of life for members of the LGBTQ + community.

Of course, that’s my opinion. I keep a reality.

The LGBTQ + struggle for inclusion continues in Fulton v. Philadelphia The LGBTQ + struggle for inclusion continues in Fulton v. Philadelphia


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