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The world has changed a lot since the last season of It’s always nice in Philadelphia. In the two years since Season 14, we’ve had several grueling political situations, several celebrity scandals and, of course, the pandemic. Fortunately, The Gang is back to make sense of it all, comment on this insane world, and even take responsibility for some of the craziness of the past few years. But more importantly, like The weather is always good Breaking the record for the longest live-action comedy streak in the US with this season, the show proves it’s still so narcissistic, brilliant and hilarious as ever.

The first two episodes of this season know audiences will want to hear how The Gang has handled the past two years, and the series responds to that call beautifully. In the season premiere, “2020: A Year in Review,” we learn that The Gang received three separate P3 loans, started their own business, and unknowingly caused some of the greatest moments of recent years. In the second episode of the season, “The Gang Makes Lethal Weapon 7”, the team learned their lesson after doing blackface and engaging in stereotypes in Lethal weapon 5 and 6, and decided to right their wrongs. The Gang grew, but naturally, for all the wrong reasons.

Mac accurately describes the last few years saying that The Gang has done “a lot of learning, a lot of growth and a lot of fear.” It’s a perfect synthesis of what the world has been through, and while we may be tired of reliving the recent entertainment past, It’s always nice in PhiladelphiaThe fifteenth season of comments on modern idiocy without the fatigue we expect. On the contrary, it’s almost heartwarming to know that all the madness in our world is due to the five owners of Paddy’s Pub.


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But Mac is not wrong, because The weather is always good in philadelphia we have the impression that it has grown a lot in the absence of the series. In “The Gang Buys a Roller Rink”, the series decides to delve into the early days of The Gang and their dynamics, while the second half of the season – as the series’ promos have hinted – takes place. takes place in Ireland. The weather is always good has certainly linked a season, whether it’s with Fat Mac in Season 7, or Charlie’s obsession with The Waitress, but this season is one of the few times it seems like the series is trying to tell a bigger story. most of the season.

The weather is always good has also been smart with character development over the years, and while that growth typically spans multiple seasons, Season 15 is starting to push these characters down paths we’ve been waiting for for years. After Mac’s terrific dance at the end of season 13, it’s like The weather is always good wants to take these characters on their own anticipated roads. Especially in the second half of the season, we start to see an evolution for The Gang that is really surprising, sometimes horrible, and sometimes sweet and even sad.

Yet even though we’ve already spent fourteen seasons with these idiots, there is still so much to learn about them. “The Gang Buys a Roller Rink” explains quite a bit why this band is what it is, and explores the origins of Paddy’s, and the trip to Ireland has both Charlie and Mac figured out where they came from. It’s amazing that after all this time It’s always nice in Philadelphia can further expand that world, evolve these characters and find new facets of this dynamic that we didn’t even know we wanted.

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But among all the character development and comments on recent events, It’s always nice in Philadelphia is as hysterical and shocking as ever. Times like Charlie’s confusion over the geography of Pennsylvania, Dee’s horrific drama class, and the revelation of what made Dennis what he is are likely to turn classics. The weather is always good scenes.

Again, it’s really amazing how, after all these years, The weather is always good in philadelphia can still be at this level of quality. Each of the first six episodes of Season 15 features huge moments of laughter, new aspects of these characters we’ve known for decades already, and premonitory commentary that never gets too heavy. Season 15 of The weather is always good shows no signs of slowing down this now record breaking show, as it continues its reign as one of the most ingenious, unexpected and tumultuous series of the 21st century.

Evaluation: A-

It’s always nice in Philadelphia premieres on FXX on Dec. 1 with its first two episodes, and airs the next day on Hulu. Two new episodes will air every Wednesday.


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