The Flyers are well placed after the extension draft


After the Seattle Kraken disappointed the Philadelphia Flyers by selecting Carsen Twarynski, the Flyers are well placed before ’21 -’22.

From an editorial standpoint, the Seattle Kraken’s selections were relatively weak. Some analysts are gassing the Kraken as they enter their first NHL season, fueling the idea that they could be a playoff team.

As it stands before the transactions, this is not happening. You should have more confidence in the Philadelphia Flyers who will advance to the playoffs. All the Flyers have done is trade for Ryan Ellis which puts them in a better position considering they haven’t sacrificed the scoring.

Philadelphia is sitting in the cheap seats, disappointed with Seattle’s plan to draft Carsen Twarynski.

Chuck Fletcher exposed heavy contracts in an attempt to create ceiling space at the expense of the Kraken. Not a bad strategy heading into the 2021 NHL expansion draft. By design, Fletcher had a successful offseason early on. Unfortunately, Ron Francis used the Flyers as a pit stop for a prospect. The Flyers have ~ $ 9.3 million in headroom space before extending Travis Sanheim, Carter Hart and signing an alternate goaltender.

Oh, and this deal with Vladimir Tarasenko did not happen. Fletcher will likely find a way to move Jakub Voracek this offseason, but it won’t be the day of the 2021 NHL expansion draft. If he does, then the salary cap is wide open. If he doesn’t, Philadelphia shouldn’t panic until 2021-2022.

Seattle selects Twarynski

Carsen Twarynski is a physical fourth-line player when a typical starter pulls out of the roster. He’s never been a routine winger with the Philadelphia Flyers. It was anti-climatic when he was the selection because he is a top player in the AHL. James van Riemsdyk, an elite power-play scorer last season, was available but passed by Ron Francis.

Is there a fascination with Twarynski? The Seattle Kraken wanted to play tight at the minimum salary cap, but they sacrificed many notable exposed players. Even the Vegas Golden Knights took on Pierre-Edouard Bellemare, who was in the last six legit in 2017.

Dave Hakstol likes to develop young players, but the Kraken should also be rushed to compete out of the gate. It does appear that the abundance of defenders Seattle has hired could be a boon to attracting forwards from other franchises.

Maybe Chuck Fletcher could swing Jakub Voracek or James van Riemsdyk in a package for a second pair defender. Hakstol certainly loves Voracek. He played well under Hakstol during his time with the Flyers. It didn’t change that van Riemsdyk was the most valuable option for the Kraken. There are negotiations to be done.

Twarynski has never played under Hakstol, so there is an indication that he may not be the final answer for Seattle regarding Philadelphia.

Are the Flyers well placed?

With around $ 9.3 million available, they’re not in a terrible position. Of course, the Philadelphia Flyers would have appreciated the relief of ceiling space to accept a loss to James van Riemsdyk or Jakub Voracek. Now the two who tied for the team lead in scoring last season are still with the Flyers following the addition of Ryan Ellis.

The team did not lose firepower and the defense was improved.

About ~ $ 3.3 million is expected to be available after the Travis Sanheim and Carter Hart expansions. Brian Elliott could return for another season with a cheap contract.

If Chuck Fletcher wants to spend the remaining budget on a substitute goalie, options are available. Reducing ceiling space through trading always looks like a plan. Could the Buffalo Sabers become a business partner for Linus Ullmark? He’s a goaltender Philadelphia can afford to team up with Hart.

Maybe Fletcher stays in the system to meet that need. In a direct comparison between the Seattle Kraken and the Flyers, one team appears to be on their way to the playoffs. Sadly, the Kraken doesn’t seem to have the luster the Vegas Golden Knights had when they first arrived. It could change. Until then, Philadelphia will be fine without Carsen Twarynski.

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