Rumor: New Phils slugger Nick Castellanos moves into former Ben Simmons home

With Major League Baseball opening day, internet rumors have it that Phillies new slugger Nick Castellanos has moved in just out of town and bought a house. This house – while charming and spacious on its own – is of particular interest to readers of this website, as it once belonged to a certain Benjamin Simmons.

Nestled in scenic Moorestown, New Jersey, the estate recently made headlines when Simmons listed it publicly amid his widely publicized Philadelphia business claim.

Crazed Sixers fans immediately scoured the list and discovered every Simmons memorabilia gracing the grounds, none of which were to be topped by the flashy, migraine-inducing neon green “Simmo the Savage” sign above what appeared to be the besieged guard game. chair. The house was listed at a whopping $5 million.

Many questions now ensue for the Philadelphia faithful, as Castellanos (who has yet to play a red-striped game) appears to have the demeanor, skills and resume to become a legend in that city. Are we worried about the juju in Simmons’ house? Is it just a house? He almost certainly uttered thousands of anti-Philadelphia phrases within these walls, can anything be done to unearth what once was and air the space once and for all? Personally, I’ve seen too many haunted house movies, I’m a little disappointed. But I love Castellanos, and I’m sure he’ll be on the Wall of Fame one day.

Come back to me in mid-July if he goes 0 for 18. Chances are I’m blaming a six-bedroom in Moorestown, speaking of the Atlanta Series.

To his credit, I have to say that Nick’s wife, Jess, seems to be doing her part.

Go Phils!

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