Put a Jason Kelce banner on the side of the Linc


Well, it’s finally here: The Philadelphia Eagles have officially pulled the Carson Wentz Banner from outside Lincoln Financial Field.

I know, crazy, right? Although you traded in the team’s unique franchise quarterback in March, every time you went to the Philadelphia sports complex to watch a Sixers game, a Phillies game, or just grab a drink in Xfinity Live, ole number 11 would smile at you from the stadium side whether you like it or not.

For the hardened Wentz fans who still regret that fateful day in March, this must have been a constant headache, and for Hurtsaholics Who offered to personally drive Carson to the airport? Well, they probably hated him just as much, if not more.

But now that the banner is officially down, what will the Eagles replace it with? Will they move all-in on their new QB1? Or what about a franchise legend? Could they instead hang a generic Super Bowl banner in honor of their only victory on the game’s biggest stage?

For my money, the choice is obvious: put up a Jason Kelce banner.

Kelce deserves to be immortalized by the Philadelphia Eagles in banner form.

Jason Kelce has been a member of the Philadelphia Eagles since 2011.

He has appeared in 142 of 160 possible games, started all 16 games in eight of his 10 professional seasons and has four Pro Bowls and three All-Pro appearances to his name, the most active players on the roster today. ‘hui.

A sixth-round pick from Cincinnati, Kelce started all 16 games for Andy Reid as a rookie and continued in that role under Chip Kelly, Pat Schumer – for one game – and Doug Pederson. He’s broken balls for 18 different passers, played under two different offensive line coaches, and yet, through it all, Kelce has remained a dominant zone blocker against passing and running and one of the best traction blockers. about the company.

Are some poking fun at Kelce for his elite lack of height or his occasional struggles with oversized nose tackles? Sure, many Dallas fans would dominate Travis Frederick’s height over Kelce whenever the two were compared, but it’s hard to find another center over the same time frame that was so consistent for a decade in a row.

Seriously, go see. Neither Frederick nor Rodney Hudson, Alex Mack or any of the Pouncey brothers have been able to hold a candle to Kelce consistency since 2011.

While he continued to suggest a retirement could be imminent – forcing the Eagles to recruit Isaac Seumalo and then Landon Dickerson as potential in-house replacements – you’d be hard pressed to find a player more universally loved by the entire base. from Eagles fans than Travis’ brother.

So listen to me, why not immortalize this goodwill for the foreseeable future with a banner from the Linc side?

(Insert a shrug emoji here.)

Now, of course, as previously reported, Kelce is on the last nine of his NFL playing career and will eventually be joining the Eagles alumni roster before we know it. Assuming such a banner is outrageous – if such a thing exists for a sports franchise worth over $ 2.75 billion – it may make more sense to invest in a vinyl portrayal of a player. in their early 20s like Jalen Hurts, Miles Sanders, or even DeVonta Smith, who has yet to take a shot in a midnight green uniform.

If that’s how you feel, I get it, but guess me this: do you think Kelce is going to become less popular after its playing days are over? Barring a surprise decision to play for the Cowboys, I really can’t see that happening.

No, we’re really watching the final act of a franchise legend who will surely have retired his number 62 jersey when his playing days are over and could potentially find himself immortalized forever in the halls of Canton soon after.

If this player is not worthy of a banner, who the hell is he?

Jason Kelce has a signature Mummers costume, several signature beers, and an appearance in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia to his credit. He’s as universally loved a gamer as you’ll find him and will never have to buy a drink for the rest of his life in the great city limits of Brotherly Love. Whether or not he gets a banner outside of the Linc will literally have no impact on his legacy, but after having to erase the final totem pole of one of the most infuriating claims in franchise history, why not to immortalize a Philadelphia Eagles legend outside the stadium for the foreseeable future? I can’t think of another player who would generate more universal goodwill.

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