Philly DA refuses to accept city’s “crisis of anarchy”

District Attorney Larry Krasner’s recent remarks on whether we are in a crime crisis are among the worst, most ignorant and insulting I have ever heard from an elected official.

Krasner told reporters: “We don’t have a crisis of anarchy, we don’t have a crisis of crime, we don’t have a crisis of violence.”

It takes a certain daring of ignorance and white privilege to say it now. Monday evening, 521 people, souls, spirits were defeated, eliminated, murdered in our City of Brotherly Love and Sister Affection, the largest number since 1960.

I have to wonder what kind of white awakening messed up world Krasner lives in to have so little respect for lost human lives, many of which are black and brown, as he advances his own national profile as a district attorney. progressive.

I’d like to ask Krasner: How many black and brown people, and others, should be slaughtered on our streets each day to meet your definition of a “crisis”? How many more children and adolescents must die in record numbers to gain your attention and be considered a “crisis”? How many more moms, dads, spouses and friends need to mourn the loss of a loved one that you call it a “crisis”?

Words matter. Words have an impact, and trigger, and hurt. The words mean something on the part of the elect. Krasner is expected to publicly apologize to the 521 families of deceased victims and thousands of people maimed by gunshot wounds this year. He ignored the pain of the living and insulted the memory of the dead.

Krasner should also use his words to send a message to the shooters, murderers and criminals in this city by pledging to actually pursue them, rather than pampering them, making excuses, reducing or dropping the charges. He should undertake to lock them up for carrying illegal weapons or for shooting people.

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner insists there is no crisis of lawlessness, crime and violence, as the City of Brotherly Love has recorded 521 homicides this year.
Tom Gralish / The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP

If Krasner doesn’t have the guts or the guts to take on these tasks, he should step down and hand things over to someone who isn’t trying to sell Philadelphians the false choice of having Public Safety or Public Safety. police reform.

Philadelphians can have – and deserve – both.

I know it is possible because when I was mayor, we laid the foundations for this work.

In 2013, Philadelphia had the lowest number of homicides since 1968. We have reduced the prison population by approximately 2,000 people. We have reduced the number of shootings involving police officers. The Philadelphia Police Department was certified for the first time in history.

We weren’t perfect. As mayor, I made a lot of mistakes, but I didn’t blame either the press or Harrisburg. The people of Philadelphia knew I cared for their safety and worked to stop the abuse in the police department.

But under Krasner’s anti-police narrative, most of that work has been reversed. Krasner presents himself as the great white hope for the black and brown communities of Philadelphia, but if he really cared about us, he would understand that the homicide crisis is what torments us the most.

As an older black man from West Philly, I know a lot of black people are not really against the police. We are just against the police who brutalize us. Many of us respect the police, appreciate the good work of so many people who risk their lives every day to deal with some of the most dangerous and difficult people in this city in a professional and sensitive way.

Growing up in West Philly in the 1960s and 1970s, I saw the good and bad about dealing with the police and the community. But in the end, there are only two things that really matter:

Larry Krasner, District Attorney for Philadelphia
Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner must stop his anti-police rhetoric as it devastates black committees.
AP Photo / Matt Rourke, File

First: When something goes wrong, people call 911 and expect a professionally trained police officer to show up, treat them with dignity and respect, and take care of the problem.

Second: people want to be able to walk safely on the streets, to have their children play outside or to go to school, to be able to go to the supermarket, to the church, to the synagogue or to the mosque in safety and peace.

As someone who has lived the experience of a black man in Philadelphia and worked at the highest level of city government, I see the police and judges trying to protect Philadelphians, but not Krasner. No matter what, this city is experiencing a crisis of violence and murder. If he cannot see this, he is unfit to serve the residents of Philadelphia.

Michael A. Nutter was mayor of Philadelphia for two terms from 2008 to 2016. From the Philadelphia Inquirer.

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