Philadelphia Eagles Jalen Hurts Rank NFL QBs

It’s the time of year.

With summer approaching, the NFL season is just months away. For the Eagles, that means legitimate optimism and hope for the franchise and quarterback Jalen Hurts.

This time last year, I ranked Hurts as the 20th best quarterback in the NFL. I believe he lived up to that ranking by having a successful first full year as a starter, improving as a passer from where he was in a short sample as a rookie and leading the Eagles in the playoffs.

He is now entering a crucial year both in his development and in his professional trajectory.

Here’s where I think Hurts ranks right now. This is not a historical ranking. It’s not based on the next five years (so age doesn’t matter much). It’s just based on who I believe are the best quarterbacks in the NFL heading into the upcoming season based on recent track record, supporting cast and where each player is. on his career path.

1.Aaron Rodgers: Consecutive MVPs. The best and most consistent player in the league in the regular season.

2. Patrick Mahomes: The great Mahomes slipped, as evidenced by the end of the first half and the passing out of the second half of the AFC Championship game. Is Mahomes about to challenge all-time status or will he be the Brett Favre of this generation (winning early, getting big numbers, but slipping from his early career peak)?

3. Joe Burrow: He has the “it” factor that every fan dreams of when a quarterback walks into the building. Gets extra credit for lifting the Bengals this far, so fast.

4.Josh Allen: The spectacular playoff games made people forget about Allen’s irregular regular season. There’s an MVP and future Super Bowl champion here, if Allen can win the bad three or four games a season. The Bills need consistency from their leader to gain ground and a real shot at Lombardi.

5. Tom Brady: This is admittedly a projection, and one that Brady could make look bad: I no longer feel like he’s all-in. Brady has flirted with retirement too much and now has his post-career lined up. For a quarterback who got an edge by outplaying (both mentally and physically) everyone else, I think that’s catching up with him now.

6. Matthew Stafford: No, he is not yet a member of the Hall of Fame. But Stafford is now a champion after one of the best playoff series in history. No NFL quarterback was better in the fourth quarter last season.

7. Justin Herbert: A leap into the top five is anything but a certainty as Herbert progresses. The best arm I’ve ever seen in person in the NFL. Next step: the playoffs.

8. Russell Wilson: I don’t think Wilson is in the kind of decline his numbers predicted last year. But if you don’t think there’s much to wonder about how quickly he’ll go from a top-eight quarterback to somewhere below No. 10 on this list, you haven’t been paying attention. to Wilson who runs less and looks less lively. during the last years. Denver needs to win quickly with him.

9. Dak Prescott: The Cowboys have a very good and very consistent quarterback. The only problem is that they pay it like a big one.

10. Kyler Murray: You can watch Murray on his best day and make him that top five deal. You can watch him at his worst and want to drop him at No. 20. He’s a mobile Jay Cutler: talented enough to tease with possibilities of greatness, but enough pout and selfishness to make you wonder if he will be about to win anything. to note.

11. Lamar Jackson: It never looks pretty. It seems crazy to pay market price for him as he nears his late twenties. Still, when he’s on the field (37-12 as a starter), the Ravens win at one of the best ratings in the NFL.

12. Deshaun Watson: Does he play? Is it suspended? Here’s what I know for sure: Watson won’t be worth the money or the draft picks the Browns spent on him.

13. Kirk Cousins: Perpetually in the middle of my quarterback lists.

14. Derek Carr: The longtime Raiders frontman is better than I gave him credit for. He’s also winless in the playoffs in the ninth year of his pro career and currently the fourth-best quarterback in his own division.

15. Jalen Hurts: We’re here to talk about Hurts in 2022, and how high he’ll go. But let’s not ignore what Hurts did in 2021, which has now become somewhat of an underrated campaign thanks to a season-ending ankle injury and poor playoff performances. Here’s where Hurts ranked among all quarterbacks in some key categories:

Yards Per Attempt: 14th

Planned aerial yards per pass: 4th

Yards after capture per completion: 4th

Shot on target percentage: 8th

Wrong Pitch Percentage: 3rd (as in third best)

Yards per stampede: 5th

Hurts improves every season and has been on that trajectory since his Alabama days. The Eagles’ offense, despite suspect weapons against rookie DeVonta Smith, finished tied for 10th (with the Burrow-Ja’Marr Chase Bengals) in the NFL in yards per play. to be one of the best in the NFL with Hurts leading the way. Don’t be surprised when this happens.

16. MacJones: Don’t let Jones distract you from how he played as a rookie. If the infrastructure around him (offensive coaches) gave me more confidence, he would be higher on this list.

17. Matt Ryan: Think of Ryan in Indianapolis as Philip Rivers 2.0. The veteran will have a career-ending rebound and return to the playoffs. He’s the kind of soothing quarterback the Colts lacked last season.

18. Jimmy Garoppolo/Trey Lance: Your guess is as good as mine as to what the 49ers do at quarterback in 2022. I still believe Garoppolo gives Kyle Shanahan the best chance to win now, but Lance will probably be the guy soon. His physical capacity and infrastructure in San Francisco could lead to a very big leap forward once he is ready to operate the system at a high level.

19. Ryan Tannehill: An underrated guy’s slip into the top 10 on his Tennessee debut at whatever you call it last season was striking. I may be overestimating Tannehill here, who could lose his job and be in his twenties by next season.

20. Trevor Lawrence: I think Lawrence was overrated coming out of Clemson and not close to the next big thing he was supposed to be. But his skills and physical tools remind me of a pre-injury Carson Wentz. Doug Pederson will know how to make the most of it.

21. Jared Goff: I like Goff more than most fans. I’m not going to apologize for that.

22. Justin Fields: There are things to like, but everything else about the Bears could ruin it.

23. Mitch Truibsky/Kenny Pickett: Mike Tomlin has never had a losing season. This sequence will be in danger with this combination.

24. Carson Wentz: After exhausting his welcome to Indianapolis, Wentz is back in the NFC and risks dragging another franchise down. Wentz’s team has gone below its market win total in five of its six NFL seasons. He makes teams worse, and there really is no better way to explain his career.

25. Daniel Jones: The former No. 6 overall pick possesses the ugly combination of lacking durability and turning the ball over too often when actually on the pitch. He’s only this high because Brian Daboll will probably get the best out of him, whatever that means.

26. James Winston: The hype surrounding Winston and the Saints is bizarre considering Winston’s poverty as an NFL quarterback, the fact that he just suffered a bad knee injury and the loss of Sean Payton for all works.

27. Zack Wilson: I see the reasons to be seduced. The off-platform throws are breathtaking. His arm talent is real. Still, his propensity to throw the ball at players wearing the opposition shirt was shocking to watch. The Jets are on the right track, but I’m not sure they have the right quarterback.

28. Tua Tagovailoa: I feel bad for the Dolphins fans. Tagovailoa ranked 30th in predicted aerial yards per pass attempt (ahead of just Andy Dalton, Ben Roethlisberger and Goff) as he dove and dipped his way to skill. Miami will be in the market for a quarterback next offseason.

29. Davis Mills: The Stanford rookie did some decent things in 2021, but I’m far from sold.

30. Marcus Mariota: Are we really doing the Mariota thing again? Don’t be shocked if Desmond Ridder pulls a 2012 Wilson/Matt Flynn and takes that job in training camp.

31. Sam Darnold: The Panthers aren’t serious about winning if Darnold is their quarterback in the fall.

32. Geno Smith/Drew Lock: It doesn’t matter which one plays. This will be the worst quarterback situation in the NFL.

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