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Governor Tom Wolf talks about efforts to raise the minimum wage in Pennsylvania. Governor Tom Wolf is based on his commitment to helping hard-working Pennsylvania. Today, the governor joined lawmakers and workers in renewing his call to raise Pennsylvania’s minimum wage to $ 12 an hour and pave the way to $ 15. Later this week, the governor’s plan to extend the overtime qualification to 82,000 overtime workers will be reviewed by the state’s rule-making committee. Harrisburg, PA – January 28, 2019

Joan Maya Magellis

Federal government minimum salary Was the last increased Meanwhile, consumer prices last month Fastest rate After 2008, before the last minimum wage increase, this is sure to undermine purchasing power without raising wages.

The increase in the minimum wage has been rejected for a long time. It is known to be too infrequent, infrequent, and not keeping up with inflation over time. Minimum wage of the current federation It has been in existence for nearly 12 years, so it is $ 7.25 an hour. It snows Less precious than in 1956, 65 years ago. has lost a third of its value since 1968.

I live in Philadelphia and work in Camden, NJ. It is a poor twin city. In recent years, Philadelphia The poorest metropolis in the United States The highest rate of extreme poverty, A term that refers to people who live below less than half the poverty line. America’s poorest little town for a long time, Camden won a recent title Include The poorest city in America.

on the other hand, the minimum wage in 30 states of Pennsylvania is set at higher levels, including nearby Delaware, New Jersey and New York, and remains at $ 7.25 an hour. It is time for our Congress to catch up.

People who work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year for $ 7.25 an hour and don’t take vacations or miss time off work only earn $ 15,080 a year. This is not enough to exclude two families (a parent and a child). poverty..

What is the minimum wage? Some claim that if you ignore inflation and remember your job at $ 6 an hour, you will have more than $ 15 an hour. Decades ago..Some think that the only minimum wage workers are teens who work after school, but more than half of minimum wage workers 25 and over.

Minimum Wage Created During Great Depression Needed to Raise During Pandemic Recession | Notice

What if we increased the minimum wage enough to lift a single parent and child out of poverty? For example, $ 8.50 an hour. Isn’t that enough? not really. Official poverty guidelines do not catch up with inflation and underestimate poverty, material hardship and severe deprivation.

On my research After interviewing and spending time with women and their families in Philadelphia, not only those who suffer from poverty, whether they are on the minimum wage or unemployed, but also those who are just above the poverty line . I learned that.

Leslie, 23, mother of one, worked as a cashier in a pharmacy, but quickly got a job as a pharmacy technician. Leslie was well above minimum wage and crossed the poverty line, but still couldn’t afford to live on her own. She and her son lived with their parents.

Stagnation and falling wages, coupled with the rising cost of living, have exacerbated housing instability in recent years and have become common across the country.

A study by the National Low Income Housing Union shows that no country has affordable two-bedroom apartment rent for those earning the minimum wage to work full-time, year-round.

Even with a minimum wage of $ 15 an hour, full-time workers only earn $ 31,200 per year. But in Pennsylvania, the annual income is almost $ 40,000. What you need to rent a two bedroom house. $ 19.23 per hour.

The current minimum wage requires 106 hours of work per week.

Not only raising the minimum wage The income tax credit was very important and the stimulus payment was a lifeline. People needed this money to pay for their basic expenses. According to census data, especially in the low income group People spent incentive payments for the items they need like food and shelter.

People’s struggle to pay for basic goods such as housing has become even more apparent over the past 15 months.

As COVID-19 transmission The price goes down, the vaccination Goes up, and much welcome When it returns to normal, let us achieve the fall in unemployment And the rise in Consumer price index With the rise in wages.

It wasn’t long before the last 12 years in a row that the federal minimum wage could not be increased. But Pennsylvania shouldn’t wait for Washington to sort this out when our state can join dozens of other people and set higher minimum wages.

Joan Mayama Zelis Associate Professor of Sociology Urban Studies and Education Center so Rutgers University-Camden, and the author Survival of Poverty: Building Sustainable Bonds Between the Poor. @JoanieMazelis

Pa.It’s time to raise wages: Congressman Wolf should wait for minimum wage to rise | Notice

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