NFL Power Rankings: Eagles’ third win catapults them to the top

We now have 180 minutes of evidence that the 2022 Eagles look to be really, really good.

And guess what? Everyone else is beginning to understand.

No more “There were only Lions!” explanations, replaced by oohs and aahs admiring Jalen Hurts’ deep balls, stifling defense performance and a general cohesion across all three phases that has an entire city thinking about the Super Bowl ahead of the September release.

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Is it a bit premature? We do not care? It’s funny. So let’s scour seven different national news outlets to find out what they’re saying about the Birds after a 3-0 start:

Last week: 3

This week: 1 (+2)

“Philadelphia is a big green wrecking machine right now. Jalen Hurts and the Eagles offense have shown themselves since the season opener in Detroit, but now Nick Sirianni’s defense has heralded his arrival with a dominating performance from nine sacks against Commanders and old friend Carson Wentz What’s the most pressing ‘problem’ for the undefeated Iggles DeVonta Smith was so dominant on Sunday (156 yards in the first half alone), it calls into question the fact that AJ Brown is the team’s true No. “He’s a guy, when his number is called I know he’ll answer the phone.

Last week: 3

This week: 1 (+2)

“In the offseason, they enhanced a playoff-caliber roster while simultaneously creating an environment to test Jalen Hurts and determine whether or not he is a franchise quarterback. So far, it looks like he is precisely that – and Philadelphia played like NFC class, going 3-0 on the heels of two dominating performances and seemingly setting themselves up for a run at a No. 1 seed in the playoffs.

Last week: 8

This week: 3 (+5)

“Jalen Hurts is an early favorite to be the league’s most valuable player. His on-field production remains strong – he ranks second among quarterbacks in rushing yards (167) and first in touchdowns on the ground (three) – but it was his improvement as a passer that put the NFC on notice. Hurts completes 67.3% of his passes, compared to a career average of 60%. He ranks third in yards per passing (916) and sixth for QBR (74.8). His most notable play is the No. 1 Reason for the Eagles 3-0.”

Last week: 9

This week: 3 (+6)

“We were drawn to the sinister mind of Shane Steichen, the Eagles offensive coordinator, last year. All he’s done since then is refine the process. Teams are now trying to force Jalen Hurts to beat them with his arm. They pay dearly for that.”

Last week: 3

This week: 2 (+1)

“Jalen Hurts is coming off a 22-of-35 performance for 340 yards and three touchdowns, which made me feel one way or another. Hurts ranks fourth in the EPA by setback among all quarterbacks and is the main reason the Eagles cap has fans dreaming of a Super Bowl trip – the Eagles are listed as +350 to win the NFC, the lowest odds in the conference ahead of the Packers (+ 400) and the Bucs (+400). only they could figure out how to score in the second half.

Last week: 4

This week: 3 (+1)

“The Eagles won 24-8, but the margin would have been much bigger if they hadn’t eased off. They were leading 24-0, sacking Carson Wentz six times. They got Wentz on nine times in total .”

Last week: 4

This week: 3 (+1)

“The Eagles have gone through what will be a favorable schedule throughout the season as they want to move beyond dethroning the Cowboys in the NFC East and fighting for the conference championship. Jalen Hurts and his receivers deserve a lot credit, but now also does loaded game defense.”

Several places in the general classification? Philadelphia, are you ready for your football team to be… the best team in the league?

I still have some lingering questions about this team, including questions about why their second halves were so disappointing, but one question that doesn’t need to be answered is whether they are legitimate.

The Eagles are one of the best football teams in the entire league, no qualifiers needed. They are simply brilliant. They will make the playoffs and be real Super Bowl contenders. It happened fast, but it’s their reality now.

When it comes to power rankings, there seem to be two camps: in one we have those who rate which teams have played the best so far, and in the other we have those who try to give an overall assessment on which teams will be the best by the end of the season. The old camp is where the Eagles are ranked No. 1 overall because for three weeks no team was better. This latter camp is where the Eagles fall to No. 3 or No. 4, as the Bills and Chiefs still exist.

Both views are fair, and frankly as long as you’re in the Top 5 consistently, it doesn’t really matter. Get into the playoffs and then let’s fight.

It’s going to be a fun season.

I’ll be tracking the Eagles’ average power rating in these seven outlets throughout the season at the bottom of these articles.

Monitoring throughout the season

Pre-Pre-season: 12.86

After the pre-season: 12.14 (+0.72)

Week 1: 7.57 (+4.57)

Week 2: 4.85 (+2.72)

Week 3: 2.28 (+2.57)

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