NFC East Quarterback Hall Rankings

In the NFL, there is no single position grouping that has more of an effect on a team’s winning percentage. If a team has a good one it’s probably good, if it has a bad one even the best supporting players won’t cover it, and if their best player drops to injury and there’s no is no adequate replacement plan in order, their season may end prematurely.

The Philadelphia Eagles, to their credit, experienced the importance of fielding a deep, talented quarterback room first-hand, and kept their winning ethos from 2017 alive and well into 2022.

But have their fellow NFC East teams done the same? Let’s take a look at quarterback halls across the division to see how each team compares to its peers.

(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

4. New York Giants

The New York Giants are in an interesting position as a franchise. They have the highest-drafted homegrown quarterback of any team in the division, but didn’t pick his fifth-year option.

They have a new head coach who is known for running a quarterback-friendly program but hasn’t added any opt-level pass catchers in free agency or the draft to bolster their sub-par passing game. the average.

And they handed former Buffalo Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor a two-year, $11 million deal which, while smart, signifies a clear lack of confidence in the post group heading into 2022. .

Most Important Performer: Daniel Jones

The New York Giants’ season rests largely on the shoulders of Daniel Jones. If he can finally live up to the potential former general manager Dave Gettleman saw coming out of Duke, the Giants might actually be decent. I mean, they have a good running game – assuming good health for Saquon Barkley – an improved offensive line, an improved defensive system and the inherent surprise that comes with having a new head coach.

If, however, Jones begins to struggle and slips back into his old bad habits, the Giants may well pick his replacement atop the 2023 NFL Draft.

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