Nets’ Kyrie Irving gives Celtics crowd the middle finger twice – NBC10 Philadelphia

WATCH: Kyrie Irving gives middle finger to TD Garden crowd originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

Days after Kyrie Irving said he hoped fans could reflect on some of the highlights he left behind at TD Garden, Kyrie Irving has certainly created another memorable highlight that fans will remember when he appeared to flip his middle finger in the third quarter of Boston’s playoff opener. victory over the Brooklyn Nets.

You can watch the moment here.

Irving also had a second bird flip incident during the game. In a video captured by a fan sitting at the edge of the courtIrving showed his two middle fingers behind his head to the rowdy crowd.

At his postgame press conference, Irving said the gestures were in response to fans shouting obscenities at him.

“It’s the same energy they have for me, and I’m going to have the same energy for them,” Irving said. “And it’s not all the fans. I don’t want to attack all the Boston fans. But when people start shouting, ‘p****’ or ‘b****’ and ‘f** * you’ and all that stuff, there’s only so much you can take as a competitor.

“We’re the ones who are supposed to be docile, humble and take a humble approach. No, shit. It’s the playoffs.

“I know what to expect here and it’s the same energy I give back to them. It’s what it is. I’m not really focused on that. It’s fun. Again, d ‘where I’m from I have so much to deal with, so coming here you appreciate it as a competitor.

“I’m going to keep repeating myself: this isn’t my first time at TD Garden. So what you’ve seen and what you think as entertainment or what the fans think as entertainment – it’s all just competing. So if someone’s going to call me on my name, I’m going to look them straight in the eye and see if they’re really about it. Most of the time, they’re not.

Irving was booed mercilessly before the start of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals, a trend that is sure to continue for as long as this streak lasts…and as long as Irving continues to visit TD Garden as a as a visitor, whether it’s for the Nets or another team down the line.

To Irving’s credit, he had a performance for the ages in Game 1, dropping 39 points on 12 of 20 shots on the Celtics. Yet he wasn’t quite enough.

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