Mike Sando’s pick six – The Athletic

Greatest weekend in NFL history? It could have been that.

Four playoff matches, each deciding the final game.

Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, defeated at home, left to contemplate their future.

The Cincinnati Bengals are one Super Bowl away.

Josh Allen, wanting his Buffalo Bills to take the lead against the Kansas City Chiefs, only to realize that 13 seconds was enough for the handcuffed magician in the red No. 15 jersey to escape from the padlocked trunk at the bottom of the river confused and swim ashore without taking a breath. Yes, the Bills dropped a vault key in the river with an endgame strategy that baffled some – more on that below – but Patrick Mahomes still had to execute an unprecedented escape, and he did. did.

The Pick Six column for this NFL Divisional Playoff weekend dives into all that and more, starting with an in-depth look at what Rodgers will see when he assesses whether he should continue playing for the Packers. Green Bay, pursue a trade or even retire, as he has indicated the case might be. League insiders aren’t unanimous in their projections for Rodgers, but the answers to a few questions clear up a situation that’s been going on for more than a year.

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