Kellen Moore is a man of his word


FRISCO, Texas – Back with three quick topics as the Cowboys (4-1) prepare for this additional “17th game” on the program at Foxboro this Sunday:

  • Work sites are work sites
  • McCarthy’s impact
  • Something special

I know…
Kellen Moore told us a month ago that “yards are yards, whether by rush or by pass.” Obviously, he meant it.

“If we have to throw it 60 times, if we have to throw it 60 times, I don’t care,” said the Cowboys offensive coordinator after the season opener loss to Tampa Bay in which Dak Prescott tied a record in career. with 58 passing attempts while Ezekiel Elliott had only 11 carries for 33 yards.

“It’s a long season,” Moore warned. “Different clashes, different defensive patterns, we’ll need Zeke to beat him. It could be this week. It could be next week.”

What about the last four games?

In that stretch, the Cowboys had 31, 41, 34 and 39 litters. Those 39 were a season high in last Sunday’s resounding victory over the Giants.

With Zack Martin back in right guard after missing the first game, the offensive line has overpowered defenses. The result is the NFL’s # 2 racing game (172.8 YPG) with Elliott and Tony Pollard.

And as Elliott said after the Cowboys’ Week 3 win over Philadelphia, you can tell when a defense starts to wear down in the second half, especially when the offense uses tempo.

Under Moore’s leadership, the Cowboys have been the image of offensive balance. They have the third-highest number of rushing attempts, 163, against quarterback Dak Prescott’s 165 passing attempts. And all is not exhausting in the second half. More than half of the Cowboys’ races (79 of 159) were held in the first and second quarters.

Sunday could be the most intriguing game yet. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is famous for knocking out the strengths of an attack, forcing them to play outside their comfort zone. A game plan from the previous week could completely change the next.

Will New England focus on racing, like Tampa Bay did, and put the game more on Prescott’s shoulders? (There’s a risk in that too.) It should be one hell of a chess game.

“During that process this week, we will have to do a really good job of fine-tuning our game plan and feeling very confident, but also understanding that adjustments may need to be made throughout the game, and the guys have to be prepared. to adapt, ”Moore said.

Just like they did throughout the first part of the season.

I think…
that’s how we see head coach Mike McCarthy’s imprint on this 4-1 start.

McCarthy has continually referred to “style of play” rather than pattern as the primary focus of the preseason. A big part of his take on the style of play is a higher revenue differential.

The Cowboys defense has at least one takeaway in nine straight games since last season, the NFL’s longest active streak. During that streak, they forced 24 turnovers (2.7 per game) leading to 99 points (11.0 per game). The record: 7-2.

McCarthy has been an offensive-minded coach throughout his career, calling games for most of his tenure with the Packers. But collectively, his teams have always valued the ball: protect it in attack, pursue it in defense.

“I think it’s a combination of we’ve drafted some good players, we have some good free agency players and we’re working on it every day,” said wide receiver Amari Cooper. “This is my seventh year, but the focus is on securing the ball or taking the ball out every day. We do it before practice every day, and it shows.”

McCarthy’s Packers teams have had a top-10 turnover differential in nine of 13 seasons. Of course, that’s in large part thanks to Aaron Rodgers’ low turnover. But those Green Bay defenses, led primarily by Dom Caper, have averaged 27.3 wins in 13 years – typically a top 10 total in any given NFL season.

McCarthy no longer calls for coins. He’s more of a CEO-like role: overseeing planning, handling player physical stress with the weekly STAA schedule, and emphasizing style of play with coordinators and post coaches.

He wants the Cowboys to play a certain way over and over again. Last year, the Cowboys’ inability to establish complementary football for much of the season – they had a minus-13 turnover differential in the first 12 games – likely drove him crazy.

It took a while to sort this out. We see it now.

“Complementary football is one of them,” said McCarthy. “It’s the constant energy and not having a lull. We had the lull last week, two weeks ago against Carolina. That’s what we’re talking about – keeping the lull. energy, handle times of adversity the right way and make sure we’re emptying our bucket with every contest. “

I have no idea…
why the team’s chemistry sparked outside concerns last week after Jaylon Smith was released.

It’s not a big blow to Smith. He was highly regarded in the locker room and players respected the way he came back from a career-threatening knee injury in 2016. Smith’s longtime teammate Leighton Vander Esch has slammed criticism from fans on the media. social workers who have crossed the line in “classless.”

That said, gamers are keenly aware that they are in a multi-billion dollar business. Vander Esch’s future with the team is uncertain beyond this season. The Cowboys didn’t pick his fifth-year option for 2022, making him an impending free agent unless a new deal is struck before March. Twenty players, half of them starters, have expiring deals.

Ultimately, there is a job to be done. The guys are proud of it, and it’s a team that plays for each other.

“You can tell there is something special here,” he said after Sunday’s game. “I know it’s early, but we just need to keep building together.”

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