Jalen Hurts talks Vikings defense, passing the ball to Eagles targets

Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts spoke to reporters Thursday and said he was thrilled with their Week 2 game Monday night against the Vikings. When he thinks of Minnesota in primetime games, he thinks of Randy Moss and all the other iconic moments that happened on Monday night, and he looks forward to his turn.

Just before sitting down to speak, Hurts tweeted about gun violence in Philadelphia. He explained that he works with Penn Hospital and, given the current situation of gun violence in Philadelphia and across the country, wanted to draw attention to what victims go through during the recovery process, to both mentally and physically.

Spreading the ball around

The quarterback was asked if ball spread was something he should be aware of during a game, but he said he was just focusing on his job.

“Every player’s job on the pitch is to run the game to the best of their abilities and do their job, and that’s something I tried to do all through camp, you know, trying to convey that to the matches.

He didn’t seem to care much about DeVonta Smith not catching any catches in Week 1, and said he was ready, just as he is always ready, for Week 2. Hurts can’t predict how the goals will play out on Monday, or if the big games bounce between Smith and AJ Brown, the QB said he just wants to win.

On the defense of the Vikings

“I think they have a really good defence. They have great players in every position I feel so it will definitely be a big challenge for us. They fly to the ball. I mean, they’re all playmakers. You know what I mean? So I have to do a lot of preparation for them

Other notables

  • Eagles OC Shane Steichen mentioned earlier in the week that Hurts has the ability to avoid taking big hits, and the QB said he just tries to slip or get out of bounds when it is. possible. He later explained that he used to play baseball as a kid which taught him how to slide, then in Alabama they told him to go down and he was able to translate that sliding ability to football .
  • Hurts was asked to explain why he chose to wear #1, and he mentioned that growing up he always wore #2 because of his brother. When he transferred to Oklahoma, CeeDee Lamb wore No. 2 and despite WR’s offer to give it to the QB, he didn’t want to take it out of respect. So he ended up wearing number 1 and he liked the way it looked.
  • The QB explained what toughness means to him and how it means being where your feet are and always having a next play mentality. It’s about being able to overcome and being tenacious, as well as being resilient and persevering.
  • He gave a lot of credit to Jason Kelce and the offensive line for their technique and how that helps him be so good at QB. Hurts said the team was good at QB before he came to Philadelphia, so he didn’t want to take too much credit for that.

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