Extra Education Credit: Adult Inattention, Naughty Math, Guns, and Schools

Posted: April 22, 2022

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Extra Credit shares some additional educational topics from the past week.

adult inattention, naughty math textbooks, guns and schoolsWhat we don’t do want to knowledge can hurt us. A new poll reveals that only 14% of American adults — and just 26% of parents of K-12 students — pay close attention to what their local school board is doing. Since culture wars cause an influx of parent-activist candidates, it’s a safe bet that half of us will become uncomfortable with the changes in the next few years. Among other poll results: About 50 percent think that parents and teachers don’t have enough influence on the public school curriculum; and around 25% see the school focusing too much on racism, gender and sexuality, while around a third say there is too little attention to these areas.

Which Math Textbooks Has Florida Rejected? Here is the list. It does not appear that the state intends to provide examples of unwanted content to the public or even give details to companies whose books have been rejected. Florida officials will only say that the books included unsolicited strategiessuch social-emotional learning or “prohibited topics” such as Critical Race Theory or the Common Core State Standards instead of Florida’s new BEST Standards.

Schools and Gun Violence: “Some children do not come back the next day. A Philadelphia teacher stiffens every morning, wondering if any of her students will succumb to gun violence. If I tried to link to all recent gun crimes involving or affecting K-12 students, my computer might miss the blue underline. This wonderful collection of articles tells how schools in philadelphia are coping with the outbreak. (chalk beat)

Why don’t we use the knowledge and ideas of students, teachers? Our SmartBrief for the National Association of State School Boards on April 21 mentioned a student member of the Guam board of education and his discovery that not all states have student members. Components of schools are the studentsand many of them feel strongly in regards to Strategies. Maybe it’s time for everything local and state education boards include at least one teacher and a student, if not more.

University adopts subscription model (EdSurge, as seen in our Higher Education SmartBrief)

The chronicler suggests remembering public purpose of public schools. (The New York Times)

161 school innovations for marginalized students (The 74)

Did the tradition of Minneapolis schools strongly supporting music lead a young prince to speak out? (The conversation)

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