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Frost, Ustimenko, Allison and a few stars from 2021 development camp headline day one of the 2021 Philadelphia Flyers rookie camp.

Just under two weeks ago, the Flyers wrapped up their 2021 development camp. A handful of prospects caught the attention of the Philadelphia beat.

In rookie camp 2021, the Flyers hope to maintain the momentum of these players who have flourished. They will want to awaken the beast from other perspectives as well. Once again, it’s time to make one last impression before the release of the NHL roster next week.

The rookie camp picks up the pace of the previously mentioned development camp. The focus is on preparing for the NHL camp next week. A few players are on the cusp of making the NHL roster, fighting for minutes or a spot in the roster’s rotation. The rookie assessment will help determine their role against the New York Rangers rookies this weekend.

Morgan Frost and Wade Allison have received a lot of fanfare after development camp 2021. Will Frost join Allison in Philadelphia’s final six? Tyson Foerster and Samu Tuomaala could play for the AHL or the OHL. Where will they choose to resume their game in 2021-2022? Today we start with the first day of Flyers 2021 Rookie Camp:

NHL pre-camp training

Ahead of the 2021 rookie camp, a decent number of Philadelphia Flyers took to the ice:

  • Derick Brassard
  • Cam Atkinson
  • Ryan ellis
  • Rasmus Ristolainen
  • Claude giroux
  • Oskar Lindblom
  • Scott Laughton
  • Keith yandle
  • Kevin hayes
  • Travis Konecny

These ten weren’t the only ones in the Flyers’ lineup on the ice. Half are newcomers. During pre-camp training, Martin Jones was en route to the Pennsylvania / New Jersey area.

It’s no surprise that the Philadelphia captain is on the ice this morning. Giroux is heading for a contract season, but his leadership wins. Training with a mix of new acquisitions and veterans gives the Flyers a head start. Working with Lindblom, who looks more powerful, will only improve the performance of the left wing in 2021-2022.

Next week, Philadelphia begins training camp. Before Rookie Camp ends, expect the Flyers roster to arrive in Vorhees. Pre-camp training sessions on the NHL roster will take on a daily routine.

Who will be the 3rd goalkeeper?

Usually this conversation carries no weight. Look at Carter Hart’s health records. In every season of his NHL career, Hart suffered an injury and missed games. When Hart was not in the 2019-20 roster, games with Alex Lyon were essential. These few points made the difference between having a round robin for reseeding or participating in a play-in round.

In 2021-22, Hart and Martin Jones are the two goaltenders for the Philadelphia Flyers on opening night. Lyon signed with the Carolina Hurricanes in the offseason. As a result, there are new opportunities for Lehigh Valley Phantoms goaltenders. Who hangs the brass ring?

Kirill Ustimenko and Felix Sandstrom could take the lead with the Phantoms ahead of Samuel Ersson. Ersson is on his entry-level contract until 2024, but Ustimenko and Sandstrom end their entry-level terms at the end of 2022. It is more urgent to decide between Ustimenko and Sandstrom before determining Ersson.

In his final season, Ustimenko was loaned to HK Gomel for two competitions. Sandstrom spent most of 2020-2021 with Lehigh Valley, playing fifteen games. Ersson has played 42 games for Brynas IF. Each of the goalie hopefuls saved over 90% of the shots they faced.

Here’s Ustimenko making a stunt save against Wade Allison, according to Jordan Hall:

OHL Gems

Due to the OHL’s cancellation in 2020-2021, many players have fallen out of their planned placement for the 2021 NHL Draft. Quality players have slipped through the fingers of several NHL general managers . A guest, JR Avon, showed off his speed on day one of Rookie Camp 2021.

“A contract is the goal,” Avon said. He’s confident in his speed on the ice, rivaling Samu Tuomaala. A center, he closely observes the style of play of Kevin Hayes. In 2019, Avon was the 11th overall selection in the OHL’s Priority Selection.

Avon last played hockey in 2019-20 with the Peterborough Petes. In 56 games, he scored eleven points (4G, 7A).

Frost and Zanetti

Brent Flahr praised Brian Zanetti after 2021 development camp. His performance among the field for the first time highlighted the fourth-round pick in the 2021 NHL Draft.

Zanetti has chosen the brains of the best defenders. Ryan Ellis was his go-to source of knowledge on day one of rookie camp 2021. Taking a humble approach to the game, absorbing tips and tricks like a sponge, Zanetti models his game after Roman Josi. Ellis’ former teammate is Zanetti’s hockey hero.

Ian Laperriere put Zanetti’s feelings into perspective: “It’s a child who stood out for me today; picked things up quickly, but it was only a day.

Wade Allison, a true Renaissance man, took on the role of media reporter today while Morgan Frost answered questions. He mentioned that Frost added height (now 190 pounds) before 2021-2022. In response, Frost asked if Allison wanted him to “take my shirt off?” This is the sign of a tight locker room.

Frost missed last season with his dislocated shoulder against the Buffalo Sabers. This is the longest time he has spent away from hockey. If anyone is looking forward to New York Rangers rookies this weekend, it’s him.

Allison was in awe of Frost’s talent, “I would do anything for that skill.” Here’s Frost working against Danny Brière, by Jordan Hall:

Photo credit: Alex McIntyre

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