Eagles News: Washington writer is “ready to write [this week’s game] as the equivalent of a package “

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Ahead of Sunday’s game against the Eagles – the tipping point – Hogs Haven
The roster issues seem to be so one-sided that there’s really no other story in this division game. I can’t tell anyone else how to treat this game, but I’m basically ready to think of it as the equivalent of a forfeit. Sure, the boys in burgundy and gold are going to play hard to try and win, but the Eagles are actually a pretty good football team. Sunday’s huge NFC East contest with its critical playoff consequences should look like the third quarter of a preseason game where the defending team face off against rookies and third strings, while the other coach has left his starters. I will support that of Washington. defensive backups and applaud their successes, but I imagine they will be overwhelmed. I don’t blame the Eagles coaches for doing everything in their power to score as many points as possible. It’s a professional sport, and no one feels sorry for you. Mentally, though, I’m already thinking of the Week 16 game in Dallas, and I’m assuming Washington will be able to get to that game pretty healthy and with a relatively intact roster, ready to start an absolutely 3 game streak. essentials. games in a push to the playoffs.

Washington places another starter on COVID list – BGN
Allen, Fuller and Sweat are the most prominent names in this group. Allen, who leads the sack football team, was placed on the list on Monday. There’s a chance he (and others) could be activated if they produce two negative COVID tests 24 hours apart. But there is no guarantee that this will happen. With Fuller on the list today, he obviously has even less time to be cleared. UPDATE: Fuller is reportedly unvaccinated which means he is DEFINITELY out for at least 10 days, including this week’s game. It has to be argued that Allen and Fuller are Washington’s two best defenders. They are categorized as such by Pro Football Focus, for what it’s worth.

From the Bleachers # 92 – Eagles Playoff Odds Review – BGN Radio
In the latest episode of From the Bleachers on BGN Radio, Shamus Clancy looks inside the numbers as the Eagles make their playoff push.

Eagles vs. Washington Football Team: five clashes to watch – PhillyVoice
William Jackson is still in good health, so he will likely follow DeVonta Smith. While I’m not sure the Eagles’ other receivers can capitalize, such a exhausted secondary could cause the football team to allocate more resources at the back, leaving their running defense even more vulnerable. The expectation here is that the Eagles will try to get Jalen Hurts back on track by throwing the ball early and often, and I think they will be successful.

Judge JG – Iggles Blitz
I’d be shocked if Nick Sirianni let Gannon go at the end of the year. They are close on and off the pitch. Sirianni is going to be loyal to a guy who did a better job than you think. Fans focus on the weak moments, but the Eagles are currently 9th in the league in yards allowed. It’s not the defensive coordinator you’re firing. I know this stat needs context and is made a lot easier by shutting down bad QBs, but the point is, really bad defenses can’t even do that. I wouldn’t say Gannon got the best of his players. I think installing his system and teaching them was balanced with their actual use to maximize their capabilities this year. Gannon has shown he can adapt and find solutions. I hope Sirianni is preaching to Gannon in the offseason that he needs to be faster to make game changes. This Raiders game was torture. Gannon shouldn’t have waited a week to be more aggressive.

NFL Draft 2022 Nuggets, Needs, Choices & What You Need To Know For All 32 Teams: Quarterback Options, First Round Highlights, More – ESPN +
The Eagles are on track to have three first-round picks in the April Draft. The bigger question in front of them is whether to use those assets to acquire a quarterback or roll with Jalen Hurts for another season and develop the talent around him. It’s not considered a particularly strong QB class, but some notable veterans might be available by profession, including Russell Wilson and Deshaun Watson. Expect Philadelphia to explore all the options.

NFL Week 15 Playoff Photo: Implications for the Playoffs and the 16-Game Division Title – PFF
Washington Football Team @ Philadelphia Eagles (-5.5). Current odds for the playoffs: WAS 30%, PHI 32%. With WAS win: WAS 54%, PHI 9%. With PHI gain: WAS 13%, PHI 48%. The Skinny: When it comes to creating the Joker in the NFC, this game has about as much influence as it does. A week after trying to keep pace with the Cowboys with a backup quarterback, the football team may have to do the same in Week 15, and the point spread reflects that.

NFL Power Rankings, Week 15: Rams, 49ers climb; Ravens Slip – NFL.com
19) Gardner Minshew’s excellent start against the Jets has garnered national attention, but the story of the Eagles’ offensive rebirth continues to trace back to a stellar running attack. Philly has run for at least 180 yards in four straight games, the longest such streak by an Eagles team since 1950. It’s also the longest streak in the NFL since the Ravens attack led by Lamar Jackson in 2018. Jackson’s early-career arc is obviously something the Eagles are trying to emulate with Jalen Hurts, another quick and athletic quarterback whose passing abilities might require some refinement. The Eagles’ shattering offense should play well in a fully contained home stretch in the NFC East.

The chiefs rise in the ranks of the DVOA – Football Outsiders
[BLG Note: The Eagles are 15th in DVOA. The Football Team is 21st.]

There’s a reason Dak Prescott might be in a “fit” and it’s not her calf injury – Blogging The Boys
While the Dallas Cowboys defense has come to life and looks like championship gear, the Cowboys offense is heading the other way. There are many reasons for this decline, such as injuries, the offensive line reshuffle, a few curious play calls recently, and other things like suspensions and COVID. It’s a pretty long list, but a lot of the attention for a failing offense is usually focused on the quarterback. And it’s the same with the 2021 Cowboys. Earlier today, we discussed that even Cowboys owner Jerry Jones thinks his QB may be in crisis. So what happened to Prescott? It may be better to ask the question of what happens on the other side of the ball with the opposing defense. Prescott has a reputation for beating the blitz, and during the first part of the season most teams bombarded the Cowboys at a high rate. It all came to a halt when the Cowboys played against the Broncos. There was probably more to this project that people were claiming than what we were giving credit to at the time.

Giants injury news: Daniel Jones unlikely to play against Dallas, reports – Big Blue View
Dan Duggan of The Athletic and Ryan Dunleavy of the NY Post report that New York Giants Quarterback Daniel Jones is not scheduled to appear in this week’s game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Urban Meyer is NFL’s biggest loser and he’s ruining what little Jaguars have – SB Nation
The history of the NFL is littered with some truly terrible head coaches. Yearlong wonders like Chip Kelly, promising assistants like Josh McDaniels who got promoted too early, guys like Hue Jackson and Marty Mornhinweg who struggled to win games. As memorable as these guys are, bringing up bad memories just by mentioning their names, we could witness something very, very special: the worst head coach in NFL history. Urban Meyer isn’t the first successful college coach to fail in the NFL. Hell Nick Saban went 6-10 with the dolphins, and Lou Holtz took the Jets to a 3-10 record in 1976. What separates Meyer from these guys is the arrogance and speed with which he not only loses games, but sets fire to. all the Jaguars franchise while doing it. From the second he got hired, Meyer started showing just how ill-prepared he was for the NFL. He is a man who decried the free agency system because he felt it was necessary to meet the players to judge their “character” before signing anyone. Then, in his wise wisdom, he created training camp drama by hiring Tim Tebow to play the tight end for no other apparent reason than to give his friend a job.

Off Day Debrief # 67: The Athletic + Rams’ Sheil Kapadia Removes Cards From MNF + Power Week 15 Leaderboard – The SB Nation NFL Show
Rob “Stats” Guerrera and Brandon Lee Gowton are joined by Sheil Kapadia to react to the MNF game and watch the teams on the playoff bubble in the NFL. How did the Rams come to victory and does it give you confidence in them? Will the management of Kliff Kingsbury’s game cost them dearly? Which teams does no one want to play in each conference? Who is someone who should be in contention for the MVP but who is not being talked about? Where do the playoff bubble teams fit in the Week 15 power standings? MVP and LVP of the week. [BLG Note: Plus, will the Eagles make the playoffs?]

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