Eagles assert themselves as ‘tough, bad, physical’ in brutal win over Saints


Tough, nasty, physical: Eagles assert themselves with dominant running game against Saints

With a group of new coaches, new systems and young players entering this season, a common question surrounded the team.

“What would be their identity?

At the start of the season, it always felt like the Eagles were trying to find who they wanted to be. After back-to-back wins, head coach Nick Sirianni believes his team’s identity is starting to emerge.

“It’s a tight-knit bunch of guys who connects. It’s a bunch of physical guys and they’re guys who leave it all on the pitch,” Sirianni said after scoring his first regular season win at home, a 40-29 victory over the New Orleans Saints. “It was on display today.”

In the last two games, the Eagles have shown how powerful they are in the running game. On Sunday afternoon against the visiting New Orleans Saints and their defense against the No.1 ranked run, the Eagles’ rushed play was put to the test. Sirianni’s goal was to keep the ball running. The Saints’ defense couldn’t contain the running game as the Eagles totaled 242 rushing yards. It was the fourth straight game in which the team recorded more than 175 rushing yards.

“We know we handled the ball well. You want to get them to stop what you’re doing well, which is directing the ball and that was our goal coming out,” said Sirianni.

After missing three games with an ankle injury, running back Miles Sanders was the top running back with 94 yards and quarterback Jalen Hurts was not far behind him with 69 yards. Sanders knows how much of an impact Hurts has on their racing game, but he says you need to give credit where credit is due.

“Having Jalen makes it 10 times easier, but you really have to credit the offensive line,” Sanders said.

Boston running back Scott, who stepped up his efforts while Sanders was out, spoke about how important that frontline is to the running game.

“It just starts with the big guys up front. The amount of work they’ve done with Stout (running game coordinator / offensive line coach Jeff Stoutland), not just the starting guys, but all of these guys. guys, that means something to them. They pride themselves on being a physical, dirty, mean bunch, “Scott said. “Every week they want the game to be on their backs. That’s their mindset. That’s how they come in every week. As running backs we love it.”

“We have tough guys and tough guys. It’ll win you a lot of football games. When you’re physical and when you’re tough, it’s something throughout football history that’s shown to help you win. matches, ”Sirianni mentioned. “That common denominator is that they are tough and mean and physical.”

One guy who showed how tough he was was Hurts, who became the first Eagles quarterback to rush for three goals in a single game on Sunday. When you ask Hurts about the team’s identity, he examines the team’s identity in a unique way.

“I think identity is not able to run a ball or that we are a running team. We are a passionate team. We are a team that doesn’t give up on big explosive games. what identity is, ”said Hurts, who also threw for 147 yards. “Identity is a mindset. It’s a mindset. It’s an approach that’s the detail that you put in, day in and day out throughout the week. It’s being physical. I think that’s what. that we want to be. “


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