Eagles All-22 movie review: Observations of the Panthers win


Hello BGN, it’s been a long time! However, I am back and will now have a movie after every game.

I’ll break the movie down on my Twitter account and then upload the tweets with some more analysis in this post. Obviously I can’t post everything so I’m going to focus each week on some things that stand out to me. I can see something multiple times on film, but only download one example because you don’t have to see everything so you’ll have to take my word for it if I say I’ve seen something multiple times.

I will break down attacking followed by defense each week and I will post the games in order so you can see how the game went. Sometimes I can focus on a specific area, I will see how each game goes. I just pick the most important games and highlight some of the players who stood out for me. As always, let me know your thoughts in the comments and I look forward to discussing the game with all of you. Let’s come to the cinema!


For the first 4 workouts, the offense consisted mostly of RPOs, screen passes, RB swing passes, curl runs and the occasional run. It was a complete disaster. Nick Sirianni was to expect the Panthers to go out in the blitz and aggressively step onto the pitch with their defensive ends, but they did the opposite and the Eagles took way too long to adjust. Some calls had absolutely no chance of working.

Something I have noticed with Jalen Hurts is his inability to read RPOs properly. I am convinced that he makes up his mind too early and that he fails to adapt to late movements.

Speaking of Hurts, it’s a tough game to make, but I’d love to see him work on stepping up the pocket without looking down.

On the positive side, he showed a good example of this later on, proving he can do it!

Let’s move on to another 2020 draft pick! Jalen Reagor doesn’t play with a lot of effort and, to be honest, he’s a bad road racer. There are things he can do with the ball in his hands, but I think the Eagles need to cut down on his snaps and target him as little as possible.

Hurts had a few really bad hiccups that he’ll probably have nightmares about again. Sirianni finally adjusted towards the end of the first half and had some nice play calls.

* In the clip above, the sewing route is being run by DeVonta Smith, not Quez Watkins. I was shocked when someone reported it because to be honest I didn’t know Smith could fly like this. I also LOVE the little hand in the air when it knows it might open.

Again, another missed read in my opinion.

After a pretty gruesome start, Hurts Is deserve credit for not getting fully into the tank and making some nice plays at the end of the game. I thank Sirianni for adjusting so well when he realized the Panthers were sitting on short passes and limiting the YAC.


It was a completely different defense than what we’ve seen before from Jonathan Gannon and it was really interesting to watch. The Eagles mixed up covers, disguised covers and even had linebackers depending on how the Panthers lined up. There were a lot of 5-man fronts in this game, which helped to limit some of the Panthers’ action deployments with Darnold. The Eagles immediately lined up for a safety and man blanket in midfield, which hasn’t happened much this year …

When the Panthers went to base, the Eagles responded by completely changing the LBs and playing TJ Edwards and Davion Taylor. It’s an interesting combination because Taylor is extremely athletic, but I thought Edwards had the best game of any Eagles linebacker.

The Eagles still played a lot of 2-highs, but they shuffled their coverage a lot more than they had before. They also moved Slay for the first time this season. I don’t have the numbers, but I guess Slay was in line in front of DJ Moore every time Moore was in line outside. I didn’t see him follow him into the lunge which was when Moore had most of his success.

Rupture: an Eagles blitz !!

TJ Edwards playing in the base suits him because he is excellent at it.

Slay was also not the only Eagles cornerback to appear on Sunday. I thought Avonte Maddox and Steven Nelson played well.

Breaking: A shot from the Eagles along the defensive line! Gannon has clearly adjusted this week and started airing some things that we haven’t seen much on tape this year. The Eagles’ defensive line has done very well with stunts in recent years and they have had success with this game a few times.

I loved how similar Slay’s second interception and Nelson’s were. I was really impressed with both this week.

That will do the trick for this week. It certainly wasn’t the best game I have ever watched, but I was happy to see the defense show new looks and the attack adapt (albeit too slowly) throughout the game. Until next week.

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