Ana Ortiz from Ugly Betty on Her Favorite Memory From Philly


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Former UArts, daughter of former Philly City Council member Angel Ortiz, opens up about her role on Hulu’s Love, Victor, her first gig at JFK Stadium, and two things she doesn’t miss in Philadelphia.

Ana Ortiz. Photo-illustration by Jeff Manning, portrait by Bryan Bedder / Getty Images

My full name is … Ana Louise Ortiz. My grandmother is Louise, my mother’s middle name is Louise and my father’s middle name is Luis, so I kinda had to have Louise in there.

I grew up in … both in New York and in Philadelphia. My parents divorced when I was very young, so I shared my time. And then I went to high school in New York and college in Philadelphia, to UArts.

Having a father who was in politics in Philadelphia was … exciting. I spent a lot of time at the town hall. I remember when they were spinning Philadelphia cream inside the town hall, I begged my dad to let me in to see the action, and he did. I met Tom Hanks, who was as sweet and cool as you think.

These days my dad is … the best grandfather in the world.

The first concert I attended was … the Jacksons Victory Tour at JFK Stadium in 1984. My dad took me. I was therefore obsessed with Michael Jackson.

For July 4th, I will be … driving my daughter and son to summer camp for the first time. I’ll be a wreck. But it will give me the opportunity to get rid of the toys that they say I can’t get rid of but will never run out of.

Co-featured on Ugly Betty has been … lifestyle change. Before that, I was a guest star and always pushing things. It was back then, when it wasn’t as hip as it is today to be Latin. I was the hooker or the maid or the girlfriend of the drug dealer – it was my first role on TV, on NYPD Blue! – and Ugly Betty really uplifted what it was like to be a Latin actor and proved that Latinos can be the protagonists of a show and everyone will watch it.

Turning 50 during COVID was … a real disappointment.

People would be surprised to know that I … am half irish. My mom is Irish, from Wisconsin.

My husband always tells me … how beautiful I am. I am sorry. It’s so old-fashioned. But that’s what he always tells me.

My kids always tell me … that they are bored.

If you haven’t seen Love, Victor, which has just started its second season … you must know that it is sweet, funny, touching and sexy. I play Victor’s mom. She is very religious and has a bit of trouble with Victor coming out. It’s a very complicated role for me to play, because I’ve been a great LGBTQ ally all my life. my life.

My best memory of Philly is … swimming in the Swann Memorial Fountain when I was a child.

One thing that I don’t miss is … winter and parking. Here in LA we don’t have a winter, and we just valet everywhere.

My other talent is that I can … sing. I actually started out in ballet, but when my toes started to bleed I realized that a life of pain and suffering and total devotion was not for me. Then I started singing, which brought me into musical theater, which became theater, which became that. Oh, and I can finish one New York Times crossword faster than anyone. Well, at least those on Monday.

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