Amodei visits US Mint during production of Morgan Silver Dollars in honor of Carson City Mint | News from Carson City, Nevada


WASHINGTON, DC – U.S. Representative Mark Amodei (NV-02) issued the following statement after a recent meeting with designers, engravers and production staff at the Philadelphia Mint, where the 2021 Morgan dollars honoring the Carson Mint City are produced under a new program enacted by law passed by Congress:

“From 1870 to 1893, gold and silver coins bearing the iconic ‘CC’ mark were minted in our own Carson City Mint, whose site is today the Nevada State Museum. In 2020, the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Carson City Mint was celebrated, with U.S. Mint Director David Ryder visiting our state to witness the festivities.

“In 2021, another historic milestone is being celebrated: the commemoration of the centenary of the Morgan Silver Dollar and the Silver Dollar of Peace. The Carson City Mint produced Morgan silver dollars from 1878 to 1893, and these are today among the most sought-after American coins by numismatic collectors. After the legislation I helped draft was enacted by President Trump earlier this year, the Mint began producing the first new Morgan and Peace dollars for many years. The law also allows the Mint to continue minting these coins for years to come if consumer demand remains strong.

“Two of the 2021 series coins honor the Carson City and New Orleans coins with the private labels” CC “and” O “, in a nod to the important contribution these coins have made to history numismatic of our country. Being born and raised in Carson City, I am happy that this crucial chapter in Nevada history is being honored with the inclusion of the iconic “CC” brand in the program. At the Philadelphia Mint, where the Morgan Dollars honoring Carson City and New Orleans Mints are produced, I enjoyed meeting the designers, engravers and production staff who are integral to this new program.

“Since the Mint finances itself, it is an office capable of putting more money back into the pockets of American taxpayers. Anything that the Mint manufactures that exceeds its operating costs is donated to the General Treasury Fund. This year alone, the Mint predicts that the 2021 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollar program will generate more than $ 30 million in revenue. As of fiscal year 2016, the US Mint has transferred nearly two billion seigniorage (the difference between face value and the cost of producing coins in circulation) to the General Treasury Fund to help finance the national debt. , which is particularly critical at this time of exploding government spending. . “

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