3 fun facts about new Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Renell Wren

Philadelphia Eagles free agency Renell Wren #95 (Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images)

Wait! The Bengals are better than the Philadelphia Eagles now?

It’s not often that we give much thought to an NFL player’s possible move from the Cincinnati Bengals to the Philadelphia Eagles as having a chance of being considered a step back. However, as we draw lines through the final days of February, you have to wonder what Renell Wren might be thinking.

The Bengals are now, finally, one of the best teams in the AFC while the Eagles are in rebuilding mode. Credit Philadelphia for something though. Regardless of the fact that they were never a dynasty, the Birds had extended periods of being a really good football team while Cincy, well, we called them “the Bungles” for a reason.

However, strange things have happened over time. Despite a well-deserved reputation for losing, the Bengals hold a 9-3-2 advantage over Philadelphia after 14 games on the court.

The Eagles haven’t beaten Cincy since 2000, and the last five meetings have been downright depressing. Despite being favored every game, the Eagles lost to Cincy in 2005, 2012, and 2016, and games they played in 2008 and 2020 ended in draws.

So again you have to wonder what Wren might be thinking after the Eagles announced on February 25 that they had signed him (they love those young AFC defensive tackles) but while we have some time, how about we get to know this young man a little better?

Here are three fun facts.

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