10 Of Principal Ava’s Funniest Quotes

Abbott Elementary School achieved the highest ratings on ABC since the modern family series finale in April 2020. The mockumentary series has only released nine episodes, giving it more time to break additional records over time.

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The cast’s chemistry and comedic timing contribute to the series’ high ratings. One of its most notable characters is the main Ava Coleman, played by comedian Janelle James. Ava Coleman is one of the funniest characters on television. The principal is generally preoccupied and out of touch, bringing several funny moments to the show.


When Ava showed off her TikTok skills

“It’s my art. I write, I edit, I direct, I make music, I lip sync. Because of me, when people say their favorite director is this woman Ava, someone ‘other must be like, ‘Which one?’

Ava scowling in her desk chair at Abbott Elementary

During Wish List week at Abbott Elementary, Janine asks Ava to help her create TikTok videos. Ava is a pro at content creation and viewer engagement. One of his best music videos was his “Soften Elbows” video, which was made to the tune of “Black and Yellow.”

What makes this moment hysterically funny is his dedication and belief in the creation of TikToks. The school principal has a green screen and a glowing ring in his office. Comparing herself to Oscar-nominated filmmaker Ava DuVernay shows just how hilarious Principal Ava is.

When Ava ran a trust workshop with teachers

“Janine, you’re pushy and squeaky and annoying. No, it’s not bad. No. We share in order to make us all better. Constructive.”

Abbott Elementary cast in a classroom

Janine asks Ava for money to buy a new carpet for her class. Ava rejects the request and uses the $3,000 the school district sends to buy a large sign of herself. Janine sends an email complaining about Ava to the superintendent, but it gets back to Ava, who calls a trust meeting.

Ava is hurt by Janine’s actions but does not communicate it effectively. This line shows an overview of how Ava gives her opinion. She insults him thoroughly in front of the other teachers, and when they gasp, she says it’s constructive. There’s nothing productive about these comments, but it makes you laugh.

The first time Ava met Gregory

“Oh, you’re the sub. Forgive me. I thought one of my colleagues here hired a stripper for me.

Gregory shows something in his class at Abbott Elementary

Gregory Eddie is the new substitute teacher at Abbott Elementary, and Ava can’t keep his vigorous comments to herself. Surprisingly, she hasn’t been reported to HR yet.

Principal Ava openly flirts with Greg, creating some of the best camera looks. Talk to The door, James shared that it was easy to flirt. “The way I had to dig deep for cheerfulness, I didn’t have to do it at all for flirting because that’s what I am. I’m a flirt. That line is just one of many amusing exchanges between Ava and Greg.

That time she dated Allen Iverson

“Now you know I used to date Allen Iverson. He may have been the answer, but he wasn’t the only one.”

Principal Ava smiles for the camera in Abbott Elementary

Principal Ava surprises the teachers when she agrees to help Janine with the step team. Ava is generally self-centered and only does things that will benefit her. Janine and Ava disagree in their approach to coaching. Janine prefers structure and Ava enjoys chatting with students.

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One of the things that makes this show unique are the Philadelphia references. Mentioning beloved Philadelphia icon Allen Iverson in a dating reference is on Ava’s mark. Ava’s use of Iverson’s nickname while discussing the failed relationship with the students captures her mind.

When she talks about zombies

“Hell Yeah, I’m A Doomsday Prepper. Why wouldn’t I be? Have you seen ‘Train To Busan’? With The Fast-Ass Zombies? That day is coming. That day will come soon.”

Ava in her office trimming a hedgehog plant at Abbott Elementary

Janine causes a breakdown while trying to fix the flickering light in the hallway. Ava runs down the hall with a light strip when the power goes out. She may not be prepared for ordinary school events, but she is ready for the zombies.

Fans love Ava because she will express this with passion Train to Busan, an amazing zombie movie, is why she’s such a doomsday prep. She has a pattern of landing jokes that include pop culture. The toilet paper rolls in the background make this scene even more hilarious as she delivers the line in an interview.

When she was behind on the paperwork

“My bad, y’all. She was supposed to skip second grade, but they told me during Essence Fest. I missed a lot of paperwork during that month.”

Malcom helps Ava with her computer at Abbott Elementary

One of the most demanding kids in school, Courtney, is transferred to Janine’s class. It can influence the whole class and distract them from their class work. Despite being disruptive, Courtney excels in academics. Janine and Melissa realize that Courtney is causing chaos because she isn’t challenged enough.

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It took Janine and Melissa an entire episode to develop a solution that Ava always had in her office. Courtney needing to skip a class should have already happened because it was on her file. There’s a lot of humor in this mistake, with Ava blaming her weekend presence at the Essence Festival.

When she delivers one-liners

“Ugh! Ugh! There you go, sounds like an old locomotive.”

Principal Ava speaks into a microphone at Abbott Elementary School

Janine always runs to Ava when she has a new idea she wants to implement. This time, she came up with an inclusive plan to ensure all students participate in special activities and classes with Jacob.

Janine’s excitement tends to take her breath away, creating the perfect moment for one of Ava’s infamous one-liners. The awkward situations set up by Ava’s actions and brutality are some of the sitcom’s best moments. The characters’ reactions and their chemistry with each other makes the show easily rewatchable.

When she supported the Gifted program

“Go get whatever your super brain needs. We’ve got fish oils or whatever. Make way! A smart kid is coming. Don’t look at him with your usual IQ.”

Principal Ava posing for the camera at Abbott Elementary

Ava rarely takes an interest in Abbott students, so when she engages with newcomer Malcolm, she comes up with her creative insults. Malcolm is a straight student who comes from a private school. Ava, who likes to take credit for the work of others, considers Malcolm a trophy.

Ava doesn’t care who she offends. She will insult children, teachers and everyone else. She has many qualities that people would find hard to like, but viewers can’t help but laugh. Even when her staff looks at her with disdain, she flips her hair and gives the camera a look that makes her one of the best characters in Abbott Elementary School.

When she had Barbara’s back

“Normally I encourage cheating, but girl, you have to let me know.”

Barbara smiling at a table in the teachers' lounge at Abbott Elementary

Ava introduces a new tech reading curriculum that creates barriers to success for some seasoned teachers, especially Barbara. Barbara is frustrated with the new program and enters random data instead of asking for help. Just his luck, as his class gets the highest reading scores in the building thanks to his scoring technique.

Ava is incredibly hilarious in the episode “New Tech”. James’ rhythmic delivery is commendable in his reaction to Barbara’s cheating scandal. An ordinary manager would most likely have chastised his staff for Barbara’s actions, but there’s nothing normal about Ava. She will win by any means necessary; she just needs to be kept informed.

How Ava became a director

“I go to the same church as the superintendent. I caught him cheating on his wife with the deaconess. I needed a job.

Principal Ava smiles as she looks at the camera at Abbott Elementary

The first episode of Abbott Elementary School reveals how Ava became headmistress. The District originally hired Gregory as Abbott’s manager, but the offer was rescinded. Immediately after news broke of this, Ava shared her short journey of simply blackmailing the superintendent into becoming the principal.

Ava lays out this information with a cheerful smile, oblivious to the consequences. This quote ties everything together in a comical way. This makes it easier to understand why Ava can be found using a foot bath massager in her office.

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