Current Consolidated Plan

DHCD’s current Proposed Consolidated Plan 2018-2022 is the cornerstone of Philadelphia’s application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development for federal housing and community development funding.
Every five years Philadelphia undertakes a comprehensive review of the city’s housing and community development conditions and needs. That review becomes the Consolidated Plan and includes:

  • Needs Analysis
  • Housing Market Analysis
  • Strategic Plan
  • Annual Action Plan
The Annual Action Plan outlines how the City intends to spend the federal funds it is requesting for that fiscal year. The Consolidated Plan and Annual Action Plan 2017-18
(FY 2018) identify seven core goals:
  • Create affordable homeowner and rental housing opportunities
  • Preserve affordable homeowner and rental housing
  • Reduce homelessness and expand special needs housing opportunities
  • Foster open access to all housing and community resources and programs
  • Address economic, education and income needs of people
  • Strengthen community assets and manage vacant land
  • Promote fair housing and access to opportunities
An ordinance authorizing DHCD to apply for these funds was introduced in City Council and reported favorably by the Finance Committee.