1029AA Reports

Each quarter DHCD provides a report called the 1029AA to City Council. The report provides data information on housing and economic development activities, affirmative action opportunities and expenditure reports.

Year 44, 1st Quarter

Year 43,
1st Quarter

1029AA Year 43 first quarter production report

Year 42, 4th Quarter

Year 41, 4th Quarter


Year 44, 2nd Quarter

Year 43,
2nd Quarter

1029aa year 43 second quarter production report

Year 42, 3rd Quarter

Year 41, 3rd Quarter

1029aa cover 3q year 41 for web

Year 44, 3rd Quarter

Year 43,
3rd Quarter

10299AA third quarter

Year 42, 2nd Quarter

Year 41, 2nd Quarter

1029aa cover 2016 2nd quarter

Year 44, 4th Quarter

Year 43,
4th Quarter

Year 42, 1st Quarter

Year 41, 1st Quarter

1029aa cover 2016

Year 40, 4th Quarter

1029AA Cover Year 40 Q4

Year 40, 3rd Quarter

1029AA Cover Year 40 Q3

Year 40, 2nd Quarter

1029AA Year 40 2nd Qtr Cover

Year 40, 1st Quarter

1029AA Year 40 1st Qtr Cover