The best way to keep up with DHCD’s plans and accomplishments? Read our publications.

The Annual Action Plan and Consolidated Plan (done every five years) outline our work plan for the fiscal year – what programs we fund and what we expect them to do. You can also review Past Annual Action Plans and  Consolidated Plans.

After the year is over we report on our activities in the CAPER. You can also review past CAPERs.

In 2016 the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) developed an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). The AFH informs DHCD”s Annual Action Plan.

Each quarter DHCD provides a report called the 1029AA to City Council. The report provides data information on housing and economic development activities, affirmative action opportunities as well as expenditure reports.

The DHCD Housing Resource Guide provides information on programs offered by the City of Philadelphia and other public agencies and answers FAQs about housing.

Bulletin is our quarterly newsletter. If a development we funded broke ground or had a ribbon-cutting, or if we launched a new initiative, we’ll talk about it here.

The Housing Trust Fund is a critical local funding source that helps us produce new homes, preserve existing homes and prevent homelessness. Each year we issue an annual report that describes the accomplishments of programs receiving HTF dollars.

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