Auditing Did Use Federal Funds

Welcome to the DID/WILL use federal funds to pay for your 2018 audit page

You should be on this page only if your organization’s Total Federal Expenditures from All Federal Funding Sources is $750,000 or more AND if your organization DID or WILL use federal funds to pay for your 2018 audit.

Click here to return to the previous page if your organization did NOT or will NOT use federal funds to pay for your 2018 audit.

Step 3

In addition to the SOFGF completed in Step 1 and the documents completed in Step 2, please submit the following documents.

Independent Public Accountant Selection documents, which include

1. List of IPAs to whom letters were sent about the audit RFP

2. Copy of one of your organization’s letters to IPAs

3. Copy of your organization’s RFP for audit services (Click here for a sample RFP)

4. Copies of all audit proposals received

5. Written summary of your organization’s IPA selection process, which shall include a summary of the audit proposals received and the basis for the selection of the winning IPA

6. Copy of RFP Advertisement, if applicable, including name of newspaper(s) and date(s) it ran

To see complete City submission requirements and deadlines for Independent Public Accountant audit engagement and Selection documents, click here.

7. Form 990
One copy of your IRS Form 990 for your fiscal or calendar year ending between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Your Form 990 must be signed by both an official of your organization and by the preparer or have been electronically submitted to the IRS. You must submit this form to DHCD within five business days of submission to the IRS. Note that because the IRS deadline is based on each organization’s fiscal or calendar year end date, each organization will have its own deadline for submitting the Form 990 to DHCD.

8. IRS Form 8868 extension request, if applicable
If you have submitted an extension request (IRS Form 8868), you must submit a copy of that request to DHCD within 5 business days of submission to the IRS.

To see complete City and Federal submission requirements and deadlines for IRS Forms 990 and 8868, click here.

Once you have compiled and submitted to DHCD all of these documents congratulations! You have completed DHCD’s Audit process.

To see the submission requirements and deadlines for each form, click here.