Choice Neighborhoods

The Choice Neighborhoods Initiative is a program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Its goal is to transform neighborhoods of extreme poverty into functioning, sustainable mixed-income communities.

Purpose for Choice page

In Philadelphia the key is the Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan for North Central Philadelphia. The purpose of the Plan is to implement a comprehensive neighborhood revitalization strategy.

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It also did not develop in a vacuum. The Plan complements the Philadelphia2035 Plan, ensuring that plans for North Central fit in a citywide context.

Challenges and Strengths
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North Central Philadelphia is a neighborhood of challenges and strengths. It is home to poverty, distressed housing and poor health outcomes, but there are employment, transit and retail opportunities on which to build.

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The Transformation Plan was built with significant stakeholder engagement. A community planning process helped to identify resident priorities for their neighborhood.

Previous Goals
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The Plan did not start from scratch. It builds on previous goals developed through 10 years of resident-driven planning.

The Plan is actually three plans – a Neighborhood Plan, a Housing Plan and a People Plan. These coordinated strategies are a road map to community revitalization.

Neighborhood Plan
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The Neighborhood Plan builds on existing neighborhood assets. It addresses issues of livability, safety, housing choice, schools, services and vacant land.

Housing Plan
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The Housing Plan—revised in June 2015—will create high-quality housing opportunities throughout the neighborhood. Some of the new housing will replace the Philadelphia Housing Authority’s outdated Norris Homes.

People Plan
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The People Plan is grounded in a one-stop-shop service delivery model. It includes an Education Strategy that will develop an Education Plan for each Norris Homes family with school-aged children.

The North Central Philadelphia Transformation Plan is a resident-driven comprehensive strategy linking neighborhood, housing and people-focused initiatives to transform an entire community. A complete overview of the original Plan is available. Visit the North Central Choice website.