I want to get a credit but I have no insurance

Banks want the loans to be repaid easily to consumers and make their evaluations exactly for this purpose. In order to document the income, it is absolutely necessary to be insured, but those who say that I do not have credit with various methods have the opportunity to allocate loans.

It should be known from the outset that those who are not insured can use loans at a much lower probability than those who are insured. Employees who are not insured can report this to SSI and file a criminal complaint against their employers and request compensation for their unpaid insurance.

Are There Banks That Give Uninsured Loans?

Are There Banks That Give Uninsured Loans?

Banks are institutions that are closely intertwined with the realities of the country and take action-oriented action to face current problems immediately. In this context, it is known that millions of people work informally, that is, without insurance. Therefore, it was inevitable for banks to make some changes in the related business process.

Banks solved the problem of uninsured employees not using loans by segmenting the loans to be allocated. In other words, it has classified the loan amounts to be allocated and started to behave more flexibly for some amounts by determining the conditions to be met in loan applications for these classes.

For uninsured employees, the loan requirement loan is about 10 thousand USD. In most cases, no insurance inquiries will be made for the loan application made within these limits and credit allocation will be made after a quick assessment of the credit rating.

It is possible to apply to almost all banks for this loan, but it is necessary to know that private banks can be more flexible than public banks.

How Uninsured Employees Get Credit?

How Uninsured Employees Get Credit?

For an amount higher than 10 thousand USD, it is necessary to find surety, guarantee or provide a mortgage. Otherwise, loan applications will be answered negatively.

Therefore, consumers who have collateral to show, mortgage assets or guarantors can easily allocate loans depending on the value of the property or the condition of the guarantor as a result of the loan application they make to the bank.

The guarantor must have insured, regular income and a high credit rating.

Can Those Who Do Not Work Take Loan?

Can Those Who Do Not Work Take Loan?

Consumers who do not work, do not have a regular income, cannot provide collateral or mortgage cannot use credit. No matter how low the loan application is, the lack or regular declaration of monthly income is a serious obstacle to using credit.

However, if it means deliberately not working, earning income through different channels and not needing to work, credit can be used easily if this income can be documented in some way.

I would like to withdraw credit, but advice for those who say I do not have insurance

How to Increase the Possibility of Withdrawal?

If the insured is not currently working and it is not anticipated that this will happen in the future, the credit rating must be increased in order to withdraw credit. In order to increase the credit rating, all existing debts must be paid on time, there should be no delay, and frequent loan applications should be made. If no credit rating has been generated before, a credit card must be obtained and used regularly for the credit rating to be generated. After regular use and payments, the credit rating will increase enough to respond favorably to loan applications.