Counselors’ Corner: Foreclosure Prevention

Foreclosure Prevention (Diversion) Court Resources and Forms

The tremendous work of housing counselors is one reason Philadelphia’s foreclosure prevention program has saved more than 10,000 homes from foreclosure since 2008.

Here is the information you will need to keep saving homes:

DHCD’s Protocols and Procedures
All Diversion Court-certified counselors shall make themselves available at Court to handle walk-in Diversion clients.

Counseling Form that certifies that counselors have provided counseling on Mortgage Delinquency Notices, Mortgage Foreclosure Complaint and the Diversion Program and Real Estate Taxes and other Municipal Liens payment programs.

Action Plans 

Every client shall receive a completed Action Plan that lists the status and tasks to be performed prior to the next Conciliation Conference. The use of the form Diversion Program – Materials/Action Plan Form  will be required as the Action Plan. (Make sure you are using the latest revised form.)

The client must sign the form. Give a copy of that form and of the Court Order to the client. Retain both copies in the file. This form is also available in Spanish.

Conciliation Conference Orders

These are for failure of the homeowner to appear:

The Diversion Form covers what to do when no further Conciliation Conferences are granted.