Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing


HUD Accepts Assessment of Fair Housing

In 2016 the City of Philadelphia and the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) developed an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH). With significant public input, the City and PHA identified 11 broad housing and community development goals and 52 strategies to reach them. (There is an Executive Summary of the AFH.)

The AFH is the first step to comply with the requirement to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing.

In December the City and PHA submitted the AFH to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). In February HUD accepted the AFH.

HUD lauded the multi-faceted approach to reach residents. HUD said the process resulted in “exceptional community participation.” HUD also praised the analysis of disparities in access to opportunity.

The AFH has now informed the Division of Housing and Community Development’s (DHCD) Annual Action Plan.

DHCD released the Action Plan on April 13, 2017. It describes the housing and community development activities DHCD will fund in 2017-18.

“Philadelphia faces housing and economic challenges in its neighborhoods,” said Fred Purnell, Deputy Director for DHCD. “The Action Plan outlines our strategies to meet those challenges.”

“The activities funded through the Action Plan help strengthen our community,” said Maria N. Gonzalez, President of HACE, a North Philadelphia nonprofit. “We have developed affordable housing, saved families from foreclosure, assisted local businesses and engaged our residents.”

Thousands of residents and dozens of stakeholders took part in the AFH process. DHCD and PHA are grateful to all of them for their input.