Home Improvement Loans

• Restore • Repair • Renew is a new program to help Philadelphia homeowners invest in their homes. This program will help Philadelphia homeowners access low-interest loans to invest in their properties. Lenders participating in the program are offering 10-year, 3% interest loans that range from $2,500 to $24,999 to eligible homeowners. Loans can fund a range of home repairs that focus on health, safety, weatherization, accessibility, and quality of life. The goal is to help Philadelphians improve their homes and strengthen their communities.

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Home improvement loans are a way to keep a home in good shape. But some loans are what are called “predatory loans.” Predatory loans have high fees and interest rates and can cause financial trouble for a borrower.

PHFA offers loan products to help homeowners avoid predatory loans.

The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency offers the HomeStyle® Renovation program. This program allows eligible homebuyers purchasing a home or existing homeowners seeking a refinance mortgage to repair, remodel, renovate or complete energy improvements. Information is online or at 800-822-1174