Programs We Fund

DHCD receives federal, state and local funds, and distributes those funds to programs that improve Philadelphia’s homes and communities.

Housing Development

DHCD provides funding to developers that are building or renovating affordable homes. These homes are available:

Building and renovating these homes provides jobs for construction workers. DHCD funding often acts as “seed money,” enabling developers to leverage private dollars, often at a 6-to-1 ratio or more.

Home Repair Programs

Keeping homes in good working order is part of the City’s strategy to prevent homelessness. DHCD funds programs that meet a number of home repair needs:

DHCD also supports programs designed to:

Housing Counseling

A home is often a family’s biggest investment. DHCD funds housing counseling to prepare families for the rights and responsibilities of owning a home.

If a tenant has a problem with a landlord, or a family is facing foreclosure, housing counselors can help there, too.

Housing counselors can also help populations with special housing needs. DHCD-funded counselors assist seniors, people with HIV/AIDS and people with disabilities.

Neighborhood Resources

Philadelphia is a city of neighborhoods. So DHCD supports community-based organizations to engage residents. Neighborhood Advisory Committees, or NACs, involve residents in zoning and development issues, provide information on services, and monitor neighborhood conditions.

DHCD also supports neighborhood-based services. It funds energy centers, where residents can learn to become more energy efficient. Many housing counseling agencies are also neighborhood-based.