The Division of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) supports an affordable, healthy and vibrant Philadelphia. 

DHCD advances that mission through seven key goals:

  1. Create affordable homeowner and rental housing opportunities
  2. Preserve affordable homeowner and rental housing
  3. Reduce homelessness and expand special-needs housing opportunities
  4. Foster open access to all housing and community resources and programs
  5. Address economic, education and income needs of people
  6. Strengthen community assets and manage vacant land
  7. Promote fair housing and access to opportunities

DHCD partners with nonprofits to provide:

DHCD works with developers to produce:

Through the Philadelphia Housing Development Corp. it engages small businesses to provide home repairs.

Through the Commerce Department it supports job creation and economic development.

And the results?

New and renovated homes across the city. Thousands of homes saved from foreclosure. Cleaned, greened and maintained vacant lots strengthening communities. Residents improving the future of their neighborhoods. Active business corridors.

DHCD and the programs it supports have made a difference in every neighborhood in Philadelphia.