Housing Advisory Board

The Housing Advisory Board offers advice as to how best to maintain and increase the availability of affordable, workforce and market-rate housing in Philadelphia. It also provides advice regarding strategic housing plans.

The City Charter change that created the Housing Advisory Board (HAB) mandated the production of a multi-year strategic Housing Plan with recommendations for maintaining and increasing affordable housing, workforce housing and market-rate housing. The Plan is designed to be a concise and prescriptive road map to achieve the finalized 10-year production and preservation goals. Read about Housing Action Plan activities.


The Housing Advisory Board meetings are open to the public and posted on this website.


Upcoming Meetings

  • December 12, 2018, 10am
    17th Floor Board Room, Division of Housing and Community Development,
    1234 Market St., Philadelphia

Past Meetings

October 10, 2018
September 5,2018
August 1, 2018


  • Housing Action Plan – Update
  • New Business
June 13, 2018

Anne Fadullon provided a brief overview of the various housing related taskforce and planning processes, the department is seeking to align under a consolidated Housing Action Plan. Notably, the

  • Eviction Prevention Task Force,
  • OHS Homelessness Housing Plan,
  • Historic Preservation Task Force

and the following Working Groups:

  • Resources and Financing;
  • Access to Homeownership;
  • Construction Costs and Technology; and
  • Affordable Housing Preservation.

Anne also mentioned there are the various housing related bills before City Council and this Plan may assist legislative efforts as well. The plan seeks to provide a roadmap for the next 10 years to achieve housing production and preservation goals for homeless, affordable, work force and market-rate housing units. LISC and team will present and update the HAB as the work unfolds. The final Action Plan will be concise and prescriptive. Read the minutes of the June 13, 2018 meeting.

January 10, 2018

PRA reported they released an RFP to select a lender(s) to underwrite and service a citywide home repair loan program. LISC reported on the preservation working group and presented a draft set of high level recommendations endorsed by the working group. LISC also reported the participants are committed to continuing to meet to further refine the ideas, ways to align the various strategies and connect with City Council to highlight the learnings to date.

Anne Fadullon presented an overview of the Seattle Housing Plan and its executive summary of goals. Anne then explained that Philadelphia will produce a similar plan, a Philadelphia Housing Action Plan using the Seattle work as a model to create our local action plan.  The Philadelphia Action Plan will draw from the many useful public plans (such as the Philadelphia2035 District Plans, Fair Housing Plan, Consolidated Plan and LandBank Plan).  The action plan will leverage these studies to assess how to move the work forward in Philadelphia. The Division of Housing and Community Development will shortly release an RFP seeking a consultant to produce the plan.  The Plan will seek to align the various city housing and homeless taskforces and working groups into one action plan. The Board agreed meeting on a quarterly basis was the appropriate timeframe for actions.


March 22, 2017

At this meeting the board reviewed accomplishments of the Department since the prior meetings. Notably:

  1. Producing the HUD Fair Housing Plan, the Goals and Learnings from the process as well as next steps to implement the plan.
  2. Received an update on the Land Bank setup and 5 Year Goals.
  3. Launch of the Historic Preservation Task Force.

The HAB also discussed establishing working committees related to AFFH goals to meet between HAB meetings. The Board agreed to start with a housing preservation working group as a response to the fair housing plan’s highlighting the need to preserve affordable housing tax credit projects.  Next Steps: HAB establish committees to further this work. Anne Fadullon introduced staff from LISC and ULI as resources for HAB committees.

September 6, 2017

LISC presented a PowerPoint on the workings of the Preservation Subcommittee and reviewed of the research conducted by University of Pennsylvania on best practices for Philadelphia. They sought input from the group on the strategies to prioritize moving ahead.  The HAB members from the private sector helped to secure additional developer input into the process to ensure that affordable, nonprofit and for-profit developers as well as market rate developers are at the table. LISC solicited ideas on additional parties that should be invited to the subcommittees and ways to connect this working group with other citywide strategies focused on neighborhoods and housing challenges. ULI committed to assisting the group to understand strategies for addressing naturally occurring affordable housing units in the city.


October 13, 2016

At this initial meeting the Board reviewed the charter change and executive order, discussed the purpose of the Housing Advisory Board, and reviewed the role of each commission and department being combined into the new Department of Planning and Development. The Board discussed goals and timeline for aligning functional areas of the department. Affirmed the purpose of HAB to develop a range of policies, strategies and programs to support housing and community development investments at various price points into all markets and neighborhoods.

The Board

The Housing Advisory Board is comprised of:

  • Duane Bumb
  • Monica L. Burch
  • Barbara Capozzi
  • Hon. Allan Domb
  • Tom Earle
  • Anne Fadullon
  • Gregory Heller
  • Greg Hill
  • Kelvin Jeremiah
  • David S. Thomas
  • Herb Wetzel