I’m in a domestic violence situation and need help finding a place to live.  How can I get help? 

Women Against Abuse provides help and resources to women in domestic violence situations.  Call them toll-free at 1-866-723-3014.

I need housing today. Who do I call?

Emergency housing is available for survivors of domestic violence, families, single females, single males, youths age 18-21 and youths age 12-17.

I’m behind on my rent (or my mortgage) and may be evicted. Is there a program to help me?

The City has two programs to help prevent homelessness, one for renters and one for homeowners.

I’m falling behind on my mortgage and am in danger of losing my home.  Do you have any programs that can help me? 

Yes, the SaveYourHomePhilly Hotline can help you stay in your home.  Start the process of saving your home by calling 215-334-HOME (4663).

I’m looking for a home to rent.  Where can I find rental properties?

This website includes a list of affordable rental housing developments that the City has funded. You will need to contact the sites you are interested in to see if they have vacancies. Other affordable listings and private landlord rentals can be found at PA Housing Search.

I need help with paying my rent, can you help?

You may be able to get rental assistance through the Utility Emergency Services Fund by calling 215-972-5170 or through the Department of Public Welfare’s Emergency Shelter Assistance Program at 215-560-1976.

I have (or need) a housing voucher, are you the right agency to contact?

No, all housing vouchers are processed through the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA).  PHA can be contacted at 215-684-4000.

I’m a first-time homebuyer. Do you have programs to help me buy a home?

Yes, we have a grant program that can help with settlement costs when purchasing a home for the first time. Our Your First Home Program provides $1,000 to assist with downpayment closing costs.

Contact one of our approved housing counseling agencies for more information about how to apply.

My home is in need of repair. Do you have any programs that can help me?

Yes, the Basic Systems Repair Program (BSRP) assists with repairs to electrical, plumbing and/or heating systems of an owner-occupied property.

If you’re interested in a home improvement loan instead, the HomeStyle® Renovation Loan is available for Philadelphia residents. The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency offers the HomeStyle® Renovation program which allows eligible homebuyers purchasing a home or existing homeowners seeking a refinance mortgage to repair, remodel, renovate or complete energy improvements.

My landlord is not fixing things in my home or not answering my questions. What can I do?

The City supports housing counseling for tenants through the Tenant Union Representative Network.

I am disabled and need modifications to my home to make it easier for me to get around.  Do you have a program that can help me?

Yes, the Adaptive Modifications Program can provide assistance to modify your home to allow easier mobility. Unfortunately there is a waiting list.

My home heater isn’t working, can you help me?

The City supports a Heater Hotline to provide emergency heater repairs.

I need help paying my utility bills.  Where can I get help?

For households having difficulty paying their utility bills the Utility Emergency Services Fund provides emergency utility assistance. You can find information about lowering your utility bills at City-supported Neighborhood Energy Centers.

My home needs weatherization repairs, do you have a program to help?

The City does manage a Weatherization Assistance Program, but it is not accepting applications because of a lack of funding.

An alternative could be the Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency’s Homeowners Energy Efficiency Loan Program, or HEELP. HEELP offers loans between $1,000 and $10,000 for specific energy efficiency repairs at a fixed rate of one percent for ten years with no prepayment penalties.

Another alternative might be the home improvement loan programs supported by the City and other public agencies.

You can also find more information about lowering your utility bills at Neighborhood Energy Centers.

What kinds of programs do you have for seniors?

The Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program (SHARP) provides minor home repairs on a first-come, first-served basis to income-qualified senior citizens.

I’m interested in purchasing a vacant lot or house and wondering if it’s owned by the City. How can I find that out?

The best place to look is on the Philadelphia Land Bank website where you can find out if the City owns the property and if the City is interested in selling it. If it is, create an account and submit an Expression of Interest. If the property isn’t listed the City still might own the property, but it isn’t available for sale.