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The Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Diversion Program was established in 2008 when the First Judicial District issued an order stating no owner-occupied residential property in Philadelphia could be foreclosed upon without the homeowner  meeting with the lender as part of a court-supervised conciliation process. The program provides housing counseling for homeowners to negotiate mortgage modifications with lenders and pro bono attorneys. Outreach by neighborhood organizations and the SaveYourHomePhilly hotline are ongoing resources. To date more than 11,000 homes have been saved.

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Founded in 1966 by the Philadelphia Bar Association, Community Legal Services (CLS) has provided free civil legal assistance to more than one million low-income Philadelphians. Approximately 10,000 clients were represented by CLS in the past year. CLS assists clients when they face the threat of losing their homes, incomes, health care, and even their families. CLS attorneys and other staff provide a full range of legal services, from individual representation to administrative advocacy to class action litigation, as well as community education and social work. CLS is nationally recognized as a model legal services program.

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 Annual Action Plan 
includes a review of the city’s housing and community development conditions and needs for 2018-19.

Ribbon cutting at Norris Homes II, CHOP and PHDC CAPP+ program, Philadelphia’s First Housing Action Plan.

HTF Annual Report
The Philadelphia Housing Trust Fund supports housing development and services